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Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio named worst things about 'X Factor' U.S. in 2013

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On Dec. 27, 2013, "The X Factor" U.S. official Facebook page launched a survey asking viewers to give their feedback on what they thought of the show's third season, which ended on Dec. 19, 2013, when boyfriend/girlfriend duo Alex & Sierra were named the winners. Rock singer Jeff Gutt came in second place. Latin pop singer Carlito Olivero came in third place.

Based on all the responses so far to this "X Factor" survey, most viewers think there wasn't much that was very good about the show's third season. In fact, many of viewers said it was the worst season so far, and that Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio were two of the biggest turnoffs about the show. Only a small minority of viewers said that they liked Lovato and Rubio on "The X Factor." The majority of "X Factor" viewers made it clear that they did not like Lovato and Rubio. (See the comments at the end of this article for more details about what people said in "The X Factor" survey.)

Lovato, who became an "X Factor" judge in 2012, announced in December 2013 that she was leaving the show to focus on her music career. Rubio and Kelly Rowland (who joined "The X Factor" U.S. judging panel in 2013) have not yet announced if they are staying or leaving, but Rowland has said in interviews that she would like to stay with the show if she is asked. Rowland, by the way, was named by viewers as one of the few good things about "The X Factor" U.S. in 2013. Many viewers say that she was the best judge on the show this year.

Even though Rowland was highly praised by most viewers who responded to the survey, most of the viewer feedback consisted of complaints about the show. This viewer discontent is reflected in the downward spiral of "The X Factor" U.S.'s ratings. The show lost millions of viewers in 2013 and was often ranked in the lower half of the ratings among the U.S. prime-time network shows that aired on the same nights. According to the Nielsen Company, "The X Factor" U.S. averaged 6 million U.S. viewers per episode in 2013. By contrast, the show had 9 million U.S. viewers per episode in 2012, and 12 million U.S. viewers per episode in 2011.

And because ratings for "The X Factor" had such an alarming decrease, it's obvious that what people hated about the show had more of an impact on the ratings than what people loved about the show.

Fox has not announced yet if "The X Factor" U.S. will be renewed for a fourth season in 2014. However, "The X Factor" creator/executive producer Simon Cowell told the media in December 2013 that he is confident that the show will be back in 2014, but there will be big changes. Cowell said he wants an all-new judging panel, and he hinted that he won't be on the panel and that Fox will probably reduce "The X Factor" programming from two nights a week to one night a week. Fox will probably wait until May 2014 to make the official announcement about the fate of "The X Factor" U.S.

In the meantime, if the show's executive producers and decision makers are really paying attention to what viewers like and dislike about the show (and based on many of these executives' dumb decisions, they aren't really paying much attention to viewer feedback), then they would see why so many people have stopped watching the show, and they would give the people who are still watching what they really want. Most people think it would be a huge mistake to continue "The X Factor" U.S. without Cowell on the judging panel.

Here's a summary of what viewers are saying in "The X Factor" U.S. survey on Facebook:

The Five Best Things About "The X Factor" U.S. in 2013

  • Jeff Gutt
  • Kelly Rowland
  • Alex & Sierra
  • Simon Cowell
  • Any of the Top 13 contestants who were eliminated before Carlito Olivero

The Five Worst Things About "The X Factor" U.S. in 2013

  • Paulina Rubio
  • Demi Lovato
  • Jeff Gutt not winning
  • Bad sound mixing and production numbers (For example: audience screaming was too loud; productions for contestants were too tacky and over-the-top)
  • The Four-Chair Challenge; dropping Judges' Houses from the competition process

And here's a sampling of comments from "The X Factor" U.S.'s survey on Facebook:

"I have this to say: Jeff Gutt should have won. Simon is a politician who used his extra screen time to promote his group. Paulina is a disaster. And Demi makes bad decisions. Love Kelly Rowland."

"Demi was on two years too long. Such a disrespectful young lady to her elders. Was a bad mentor because she is too young to have wisdom. She didn't use each person's talent and run with it. She tried to make them something that they weren't. This method failed greatly because each person has to be true to themselves not a replica of someone else."

"Glad Demi won't be back."

"I hope they keep Kelly. She is a great judge."

"For me, the show would not be the same without Simon as a judge. The other judges come and go, but he is consistent, honest, and realistic. The show needs him. Sure, American Idol is doing fine without him, but I haven't watched that since he left. I hope the new role he has still gives us a lot of Simon air time! Also- I was very happy with who won! I loved Alex and Sierra from the beginning! However, I also would have been satisfied if Jeff would have won- what an amazing voice!"

"I hated it when every time Simon opened his mouth to speak, Demi jumped on him. She was sooooo annoying and my family is very happy to see her move on. I hope Simon is still a judge or at least a visible, active member of the show."

"I have to say get rid of Paulina. Also next year we need bootcamp and judges houses. The chair challenge was cool and I hope you keep it. Also love the winners."

"I was embarrassed for Paulina when she spoke. I laughed so hard when Simon asked her 'what did u mean by oily nose?' She said 'Illinois.'"

"Paulina needs to go! At one point she didn't even know the name of one of the boys in her own group. How bad is that?"

"This season sucked. Demi needs to go. She messed up every contestant. Hers are always the first to go."

"Yes Jeff should have won, he had the best voice and performances out of everyone, Simon you better make sure he gets a record deal or there are going to be some angry fans who will not watch x factor anymore!"

"JEFF GUTT should have won, if a REAL producer was voting and not the people who pick their favorites, JEFF GUTT would have won."

"Kelly should be one of the judges always."

"Get rid of Paulina & possibly Demi. I'm kind of tired of Demi and Paulina just doesn't make ANY sense what so ever when she is talking to the contestants. It's annoying. But keep Simon and Kelly!!"

"Rowland needs to comeback next season!"

"Next year I will NOT be watching if Paulina is still on the panel."

"Jeff Gutt should have won the competition Please no more Paulina she is too fake ! I love Simon."

"I only watched this year because of Jeff. He absolutely should have won and also very much deserved to win."

"I only watched because of Jeff Gutt. He should have won, but Simon used everything he had to promote HIS group. He owes Jeff because of last year. JEFF GUTT SHOULD HAVE WON."

"Yes jeff gutt should have won he had strongest performance did not mess up on the semi final unlike Alex and Sierra."

"Alex and Sierra don't know how to sing on key. I am appalled at how some people who vote for the weakest singers because of image. And I will bet that they won't even last long."

"Please rotate the mentors every week. Give the contestants the benefit of ALL the mentors' wisdom and experience. Also, ONE vote per phone....and do away with the ludicrous 'chair' elimination (it's just stupid). Let the public vote EVERY week. Also, NO categories (boys vs girls vs etc....). So what if, let's say, all the best performers are men (or women...or "over 25"). Let the 'talent' speak for itself."

"Glad Alex & Sierra won! both top 2 were both deserving."

"Jeff Gutt should have definitely won. He had an amazing voice. I cannot stand to watch or listen to Paulina. If she were to come back, I wouldn't watch the show. Mario Lopez is a great host, love him."

"Paulina has got to go!"

"Kelly really made the XFactor fun and enjoyable to watch this season.She and Simon are great together.Glad Demi is leaving.She is so annoying.Paulina has no real opinion of her own."

"Yeah, get rid of Paulina and thank goodness Demi's leaving. Bad mentors, love Kelly!!

"Liked it last year, but this year, I didn't like it at all. Simon was too mean for my taste."

"On the other hand, I like Kelly as she s warm and constructive with her comments. She understands where the contestants coming from, their hopes and dreams and their frustration. She believes on not giving up your dreams and she knows when you're not ready yet."

"XFACTOR was awesome! I couldn't wait to watch it every week! I LOVE XFACTOR! And so glad and happy Alex n Sierra won!!! They were all good! But the moment I saw Alex n Sierra perform at their audition I called it!!! I said they are gonna win it! Woo hoo!"

"Demi is retarted. Paulina cant speak. Kelly is fab, Simon is fab. Carlito sucks. Jeff should have won. Alex and Sierra are fab. Carlito sucks. Restless Road should have been in the finals. Carlito sucks. Demi is annoying. Great season vocally."

"I second that comment. Jeff Gutt was the best one there. Love Paulina and Kelly. Cannot forget simon but we can all forget Demi. She just copies what everyone else says."

"I didn't like it. The best singers were voted off ... Next season, please pick judges that know how to pick the best singers & how to mentor & critique in the best way possible."

"Wasn't the best season, the top 3 weren't groundbreaking, still say season 1 was the best."

"Get rid of X Factor all together! Watch The Voice if you want to see real talent."

"Bring back the finalists duking it out at the judges' homes instead of the lame chair elimination. Budget cut?"

"Simon should always be the main personality on the show, and he needs a great team of judges to compliment him, not upstage him or drag him down. Get a good, well-balance panel who are there for their expertise, not their A list or tabloid status. Also, no more silly gimmicks like Simon's Angels. Plus, Simon needs to stick to his plan to bring in more industry people. Paula Abdul should NEVER have been let go; she was a very big part of the show's success in its first season and she needs to be brought back. My dream panel would be Simon, Paula, L.A., and Randy. Ratings would most likely skyrocket with a team like this."

"Please come back for another season!"

"It was terrible this year."

"Kelly is the best."

"Jeff Gutt should have won."

"Please, remove Paulina!"

"Yeah, get rid of Paulina."

"Demi talks too fresh to Simon disrespectful she need to kick rocks n lol or check that 'Tude."

"If you want a contest based purely on singing, watch The Voice. This is the X-Factor; it involves much more than singing, i.e. charisma! Jeff Gutt was truly the best singer of the final bunch. After this year's contest, I am convinced that the whole thing is fixed. Alex & Sierra the winners?? Come on. I think Alex would do well to drop Sierra (from his act, not his life). She's either flat or sharp most of the time, which effects his singing. Paulina is sweet; she just needs some practice with speaking English. Demi is a brat with very poor grammar. I was hoping after last year she'd go the same way as the Kardashian---gone! That didn't happen, but I hope they lose her for the next round."

"Keep Kelly, give Jeff and recording contract because he really did do better during the last performances. Get rid of Demi and Paulina. They are irritating."

"Jeff gutt should of won i think he got robbed.he was way better than the winners.i expect big things from jeff and the winners will be in the shadows .go jeff go"

"I learned that I dislike Demi Lovato. She is mean spirited and made some of the worst most unnecessarily personal comments to contestants. The selected talent was just ok. Watch the voice and you will see what I mean. Now that show had singers."

"It was horrible. Jeff should have won. Demi is god aweful live as is Selena Gomez. One Direction was the only good performance besides the contestants. You could barely understand Paulina. The comments at the end became repetitive and annoying."

"Things need to change, this format clearly isn't working and one of those reasons is because of the changing of the format doesn't allow people to get use it from season 1-3 theres been chaing from studio productions, to staging, to category changes, to the winning contract changing from boot camp and judges home being dropped, how are America suppose to love it. season 4 needs to go back to basics, needs Simon on the show and Kelly they nees to be joined by Randy Jackson and Shania Twain. Judges home must come back and the finalists must be a top 12 not 16. Boot Camp neees to consist of task and last day should be the chair swap all in front of arena audience. Auditions must be donr in a room to hear the singers vocally. Brian Friedman needs to return either as judge or creative director."

"HATE the four chair challenge."

"The worst season ever I'm not a fan no longer."

"Loved the winners!!"

"Bring LA Reid back, keep Kelly, replace Pauline at the same time as Demi."

"Don't like Demi so I'm glad she's going. I like Paulina, but not as a mentor. Wish Simon would stay. Kelly is great too."

"Simon and Kelly should stay. Let go of the annoying and rude Demi and Paulina is just weird."

"The worst of the show was Paulina!!!"

"Get rid of disgusting Demi Dahato and replace with CHERYL COLE!!!!!"

"Loved it and love that alex and Sierra won... I know Jeff will do well and Carlito....."

"Yes, I would not buy anything that Alex and Sierra put out. They are nice people but My Family and friends were just not interested in them. Jeff Gutt was our favorite by far. I was shocked at the outcome. This show has bored me from the start. This season I took an interest after seeing Jeff perform. - The only thing I am happy about is he was able to get the exposure he needed! Good luck to you Jeff! I will be waiting for your CD!"

"Simon should stay on the panel..seriously he is the best."

"Very good season!!! Simon and Kelly must come back!!!"

"Get rid of Paulina I wish Demi was staying."

"This season was crazy with the vote offs but love the winners... Won't miss Demi but thought she did much better this year then last year."

"I liked who won Alex and Sierra were amazing I'm happy they won. And I don't know why people think it's rigged it isn't it's off AMERICAs votes."

"If Simon leaves, the show is over. Loved Alex and Sierra! Great job Simon!"

"I think that this was a very boring season. Maybe because of the double elimination. It would be better if there only be the bottom two so that every act have the chance to show how bad he/she/their want it."

"1st of all let go of a lot better people in the 4 chair turn around...aside from those mistakes. ...Jeff should not have won...Alex & Sierra did win & should have anyway. .they were & are awesome!!! If Simon leaves the's will not be the same...just like idol...that's all I have to say..last comment on this..period...Congrats Alex & Sierra well deserved!!!!!!!!!"

"Loved the show and the right people won but didnt like paulina as a judge. Couldnt understand what she was saying half the time."

"The worst season ever because they have should present the show without groups and without double elimination furthermore the judges exaggerate to make the show much funny by laughing not to be serious."

"Akex and Sierra won, I wish people would quit with the Jeff Gutt. He's got 101K likes on his facebook, Alex and Sierra over 183K - so quit, they won fair and square. I think Simon needs to be on the panel because he honest and when he does like something/someone they usually go far - he's very skilled knowing/seeing talent, Kelly did an awesome job. I hate loosing Demi next year, but Paulina has to go, maybe bring another guy on there so the panel's not so estrogen loaded."

"Paulina needs to go and I hear Demi is leaving? And a major one for me is the wrong winner was picked."

"I love Simon, keep him please!!!"

"La reid should come back and let paulina take a break."

"If this show does return they should certainly keep Kelly Rowland. She surprised me. A very well spoken and smart women. Can judge well too. Isn't a broken record either!"

"All the judges were really good this year and I'm really upset that demi is leaving. She gave good constructive comments that allowed the contestants to grow and become better acts. Also, she allowed them to be tough in this industry because in the real world in the music industry people are not nice. I wish demi wasn't going but it's her decision to and I respect that. I think that alex and Sierra were the perfect couple and they deserved to win! Both Jeff and Sierra and alex will have great careers ! I think the acts this year were amazing and talented!"

"NO reason to even tune in except for GUTT and he didn't even win. I found the other acts boring and superficial. Gutt was the REAL THING….stupid voting practices. Like Alex and Sierra could fill a stadium. Riiiight. We all got robbed of an exciting victory with Gutt."

"Kelly was an absolute charm and really good for the show... Totally in love with her."

"Oh if simon isn't there I wont watch. I stopped watching American idol and I will do the same here."

"Best winner ever - Alex & Sierra! Congrats to them and Simon for mentoring them! Can't wait to hear and see A&S perform in the big league!"

"Very glad to hear demi is leaving she was very disrespectful when speaking to Simon and Pauline has to go! Jeff shoulda won!"

"Looks as if Demi Lovato is quitting as a judge. She wasn't as bad as I thought she would be. Certainly better than Paulina Rubio. Hopefully they replace her with a male judge to even things out. This show might get cancelled so her quitting could be a sign she knows what's coming."

"Need new mentor/judges with a track record for music industry success in doing just that. Having a few hits as a singer doesn't make someone a successful mentor. If the show hires people to judge who produce a star, viewers will come. Hiring someone who is hot at the time to get viewers, but can't produce a winner that goes on you bigger success will eventually drive viewers away."

"Keep simon the rest were awful. Get randy Jackson and u guys will have a home run the other two seats who cares."

"Demi needs an attitude adjustment and Paulina doesn't need to come back."

"Absolutely love how Alex and Sierra won the XFactor!!! I knew they were going to win! I love them!! They are amazing!! CANT WAIT FOR THEIR SONGS TO COME OUT!"

"Not so much production...its a singing competition...not who looks best dancing and can sort of sing...glad the top 3 werent like that."

"I loved Alex & Sierra!! Next year they should have judges Simon and Kelly and find two new ones. Very pleased Jeff took second place - he will go very far!!"

"Lousy season, Demi Lovato sucks - she can't sing, can't mentor and gives mean, snarky criticisms. And can we stop having One Direction on the show already? Are you not able to get other guests willing to perform on the show."

"The production numbers were way overdone. We're trying to listen to the singing! There is NO need for the elaborate sets, light and especially the dancers. Get down to basics. Less is more!"

"Worst season ever. Couldn't even listen to the judges speak. Would mute them and just listen to the singing. Simon and Kelly were the only good thing about the show!"


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