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Demanding Moms have strange bedfellow in NAACP ‘jaywalking’ apologist

Low information mob moms don't understand they are being exploited by rich, powerful, politically-connected people who would rather see them beaten, raped and killed than armed.
Low information mob moms don't understand they are being exploited by rich, powerful, politically-connected people who would rather see them beaten, raped and killed than armed.
John Moore/Getty Images

The head of the New England Area Chapter of the NAACP decried the expulsion of a Massachusetts state representative by comparing his assaulting a woman to jaywalking.

“[Carlos Henriquez] was convicted of two misdemeanors -- not felonies -- misdemeanors, and there is no standard in the House for expulsion based on misdemeanor convictions” NEAC President Juan Cofield told talk radio host Michael Graham. “Almost every one of us . . . commits a misdemeanor. Jaywalking is a misdemeanor. Would you have a state representative legislator expelled from the House for jaywalking?”

This column reported on the Henriquez conviction last weekend, noting the leading role he played in advocating for stricter “gun control.” It also noted insidious silence on the part of some of his conspicuous allies in disarmament.

“What especially concerns me is how black leadership, most recently the NAACP, has supported Henriquez in his desperate attempt to stay in office, or has remained silent on the issue,” The Rev. Mark V. Scott wrote in an opinion piece in The Boston Herald. “This is as disgraceful as the violence itself. Black leaders have, with rare exceptions, failed to raise their voices to call for Henriquez’s expulsion from the Legislature.”

Also adopting a whistling and looking around with their hands in their pockets posture is the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, which can’t find a word to say about their rally supporter Henriquez on their website or Facebook page, but does manage to share links to pieces with titles like “Local moms band together to fight for gun controls” and “Ladies, put your LIPSTICK on! We’re going places in 2014!” as well as links for Moms Demand Action.

That the NAACP, which never found a citizen disarmament edict they didn’t jump on as an opportunity to exploit, would exhibit racialist solidarity over doing the right thing to condemn abuse of women is hardly unexpected, but it is illustrative of the cynical lack of sincerity that defines the organization’s leadership. Still, it does present a unique chance to cite them, MCPGV and the Bloomberg Moms (BMs) yet again for hypocrisy that qualifies as absurd.

After all, misdemeanor domestic abuse is enough to get placed on the “no guns” list for a lifetime ban as a prohibited person ever since the Lautenberg Amendment passed. If NAACP leadership is serious that this is tantamount to jaywalking, then they ought to be consistent and call for overturning that gun ban.

That they won’t, and that none of these “progressive” leaders will condemn fellow citizen disarmament ally Henriquez for assaulting a woman while undermining the ability of all women to defend themselves, shows them to be the hollow frauds they are.

The truth is, every one of them, NAACP, the Coalition, the Demanding Moms, and all the rest of the hive mind groups like MAIG, Brady, VPC, CSGV, etc., would rather see women, including women of color, beaten, raped and killed than armed.

Don’t believe me?

Ask any one or all of them, and see how they will do everything but give a straight answer, including dismissing your arguments due to the color of your skin.


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