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Demand for cloud services expected to increase

Cloud services represent a lucrative opportunity for vendors operating in this space.
Cloud services represent a lucrative opportunity for vendors operating in this space.
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Cloud services represent a lucrative opportunity for vendors operating in this space. Global cloud computing traffic will increase 12-fold from 130 exabytes to reach a total of 1.6 zettabytes annually by 2015, according to the Cisco Global Cloud Index. Cloud is the fastest growing component of data center traffic, growing to more than 33 per cent of the total by 2015.

“While technology can play a very key role in enhancing the customer experience, the agent-to-customer interaction continues to be the front line that determines success or failure to a large degree,” said Rob Farris, chief marketing officer of Echopass. “To really attack the customer experience, Echopass believes that it takes a deep and well-planned two-pronged approach with both technology solutions and agent-to-customer interaction enhancements to be successful.”

Farris recently attended G-Force 2013 in Boca Raton, Fla. which is an industry conference for contact center and customer service firms. Echopass specializes in cloud solutions for large call centers and the California-based company has enjoyed annual growth of over 25 percent each of the last four years.

A report by GigaOM predicts that the cloud market will grow to $158.8 billion by 2014. Opportunities will lie in both existing cloud architectures and emerging new architectures as organizations take advantage of differing deployment models.

Earlier this month, Echopass announced a successful implementation of cloud data services with internet retailer According to marketing director Gil Cattelain, their client “has experienced significant savings of over [$5 million] each year in their total cost of ownership … and ongoing operational system return on investment”.

“Echopass started in 2000 to develop cloud based contact center infrastructure for Fortune 500 clients,” says CEO Vincent Deschamps. “The company is venture funded by Canaan and NEA – two of the most prestigious VC firms – who are still actively engaged. I was recruited as the third CEO in 2003 after a few missteps and I have been here since. Echopass is the market leader in cloud contact centers and has many accounts including Pepsi, Sony, American Express and GSK.”

Like many organizations, Echopass is utilizing cloud solutions for their clients. Storing data in the cloud enables businesses to reduce costs, adapt to changing workloads, and scale easier up or down.

“Our services are delivered in a cloud model that provides greater agility, innovation, security and business continuity than on premises and legacy solutions, and does so with approximately 30 [percent] savings for our clients. The cloud is built on a Software as a Service model with clients paying only for what they use in a highly scalable environment.”

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