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Dem. Sen. Dick Durbin admits Obamacare assault on free enterprise

Democrat Dick Durbin admits Obamacare an assault on free enterprise.
Democrat Dick Durbin admits Obamacare an assault on free enterprise.
Brian Kersey/Getty Images

While speaking on the floor of the Senate, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said free enterprise isn't always best and admitted that Obamacare is an assault on free enterprise, CNS News reported Tuesday.

"The free enterprise system is a strong system," Durbin said, but it "created unfairness and injustice when it came to health care, which we are addressing with this Affordable Care Act."

Democrats, he added, "rejected the free enterprise approach to health care and said let's have something that basically respects families."

The Illinois liberal also attacked Republicans for embracing the free enterprise system.

"Let me tell you a free enterprise idea when it came to health care. Before the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the free enterprise idea was this: If you were unfortunate enough in your family to have a sick baby; if your wife was a cancer survivor; if your child had diabetes, the free enterprise answer was, we will raise the cost of health insurance to the point where you can't afford it or we won't even offer it," he said, showing his ignorance of the free enterprise system.

He also claimed that free enterprise meant insurance companies could sell policies that offered limited protection and sent families into bankrupcty. While, in theory, free enterprise allows such a practice, it also gives consumers the freedom to either accept or reject such policies.

So, he admitted, Democrats passed Obamacare to stop that.

"What we said -- let's put some sensible rules of the road in we passed the Affordabe Care Act, and not a single Republican -- not one, not a single Republican -- would join us in that effort," he said.

Now, the government is selling insurance coverage that is even more expensive, with skyrocketing deductibles with no guarantee Americans will be able to keep their doctors or use the hospitals they want. Worse yet, those who do not buy government-approved insurance face fines and penalties.

Goodbye, free enterprise. Hello, government tyranny.

"The free enterprise system is the best system in the world, but there are moments when we need to step in as an American family, set some standards, set some goals," he added.

Durbin admitted that Obamacare isn't perfect and changes would need to be made, but he complained that Republicans have not put forward an alternative. But, he added, it's his way or the highway.

"It's take it or leave it. And they want to walk away from it. And we're not going back to those old days," he said.



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