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Deltopia takes a turn for the worst

As many students, residents, and viewers know, Santa Barbara's Isla Vista community is host to yet another Deltopia event. The event, like in years past, has now taken a turn for the worst as not only officers have been injured, but also a multitude of students have been arrested.

As reported by KEYT 3 (also know by KCOY 12 and Fox 11), the event has resulted in the head injury of a police officer, injuries of other officers, and riots in the street as event goers seemingly protest the resistance by local police offers and, now, SWAT team members.

Deltopia has been known as a disastrous event ending the death of one of Cal Poly's own just last year, as well as the arrest and injury of others. Yet, despite the negative aspects of Deltopia, many goers continue to show for the event--one person even defending the event in an online letter posted on the event's Facebook page (which can be read HERE).

Nevertheless, administrators at both Santa Barbara schools and Cal Poly did not condone the event. The dean of students sent out an email last week stating the following:

Some of you may be aware of an event being promoted over social media called "Deltopia". This event occurred last spring and was a no-host event that resulted in countless alcohol and drug transports, a balcony collapse that resulted in severe injuries, and, most tragically, the death of one of our students. I share this with you because we care about your safety, and we want you to make safe choices and to avoid high risk situations.

I understand that plans for another Deltopia are being spread on social media. The community of Isla Vista and UCSB are urging visitors to stay away and avoid the potential for unwanted events such as alcohol violations, fines, and possible injury. Isla Vista Sheriff's Department will be increasing officers and will maintain a no-tolerance policy for law violations.

Remember Mustangs- Pride, Character, and Responsibility are principles we can all use to guide our choices.

While many students clearly did not heed the warnings, only time will tell what the outcome of the third annual Deltopia has brought upon the students of SB schools, Cal Poly, and the surrounding communities of each location.

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