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Delta upgrades all international flights out of Detroit Metro

A Delta flight from Detroit pulls up to the gate in Amsterdam.
A Delta flight from Detroit pulls up to the gate in Amsterdam.
Richard Weaver/

Delta Air Lines announced last night in an email to elite members the upgrade of inflight services on international flights departing Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The upgrades, which take effect with today’s flights, apply to passengers on most of Delta’s flights over either the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans.

What should be most favored by passengers is the addition of gifted sleep kit. African airlines offer these kits which include a blindfold, slippers and earplugs. Delta will not have the slippers but will add a bottle of water. Also Delta will expand the free beer, wine and mixed drinks previously limited to business class and economy comfort to all seats in coach.

Games, new release movies, live satellite television, HBO, Showtime and an expanded song selection will also be complimentary on these flights. Delta has enhanced premium meal and snack offerings, ergonomically designed ear-buds and a wider selection of on-board entertainment options.

International flights from Detroit, which do not include Mexico or Canada, typically offer two meal services. Water and juice is provided throughout the flights as the nature of the long airtime is to dehydrate.

All items except the water bottle can be taken onto connecting flights in Europe or Asia. Water bottles will be confiscated as all passengers from the United States have to go through an additional security check when they first arrive in China, Japan, Holland, France, Korea or Italy even if they are transferring to another Sky Team member airline.