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Delta rewarding service-minded employees with raises

Delta has announced raises for nearly 80,000 employees this year
Delta has announced raises for nearly 80,000 employees this year

In an effort to restore its customer-minded reputation, Delta Airlines has been instituting a whole new customer service philosophy in recent years. This month, the company announced another step in the service improvement process – the rewarding of employees who take care of the company’s customers every single day. With raises in the works, those who work in customer care for Delta are about to learn just how significant the company sees their contributions.

Nearly 80,000 Employees to Benefit
According to a recent report at Skift, Delta Airlines has announced raises for nearly 80,000 employees in 2014. The raises are a direct result of the company’s record quarterly profits it reported earlier in 2013. Those who work with customers daily can expect to see around three percent more on the paychecks when the raises go into effect on April 1, 2014. Other employees will also see merit increases, based on performance and other individual factors.

In addition to the pay increases, the company has also announced the return of a popular benefit – five weeks of vacation for employees that work at the company 25 or more consecutive years. This benefit was removed by the company in 2005 when Delta filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It’s return is an indication of the company’s improved financial health, as well as its dedication to its employees.

Recognizing Hard Work
Since its financial crisis in 2005, Delta Airlines has been working hard to put itself back on top of the airline industry. A large part of those efforts have been focused on the area of customer service, with numerous changes throughout the corporate structure designed specifically to support the company’s customer base. Employees working directly with customers have been responsible for implementing many of those policies, as well as changing the image of the company overall, one customer at a time.

The hard work has paid off for Delta. In 2012, the airline was ranked at the top of customer service ratings, alongside smaller Alaska Airlines and above competitors United and Continental Airlines. The company earned the merit by investing in customer-friendly technology, new baggage systems and customer service retraining for employees. The company even opened additional service centers nationwide for its fleet, to keep planes in top condition.

Rewards Come at Opportune Time
As the company has moved up the customer service rankings in recent years, it shows once again that it appears to have a handle on what makes a service-minded company tick. The recent announcement of pay increases for service employees comes at a time and in an industry where raises are few and far between. The culture makes the offerings by the airline stand out even more.

The pay increases will also come at an opportune time for Delta employees. In 2014, the company expects healthcare costs to soar, due to the introduction of more Affordable Care Act policies that are set to go in motion at the beginning of next year. While Delta plans to shoulder the bulk of the healthcare burden for employees, individual workers will see smaller take-home pay amounts as a result as well. Raises will help to offset those additional expenses, while recognizing the hard work of the company’s hardest workers at the same time.

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