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Delta residents oppose condo development

These 20 trees could be cut down in Delta
These 20 trees could be cut down in Delta
B. Yaworski

Ladner residents living near a proposed five storey condo project had until August 1 to submit their comments to to Delta's Planning Department in the first step in a possible rezoning process.

Opposition to the precedent-setting proposal has been significant. 200 people attended a Public Information meeting and 300 residents signed a petition against the project. Of particular concern is that the developer is asking to amend the Official Community Plan and the Ladner Area Plan which presently only allows structures up to 3-storeys.

Neighbours living near the 47A Avenue property have also expressed concern about the potential cutting down of about 20 mature, tall evergreen trees at this location.

Ladner homeowner Doug Reynolds says: “The 5-storey height is out-of-place in Ladner where most buildings are 2 & 3 storey structures. The added traffic is a negative for me also, and losing possibly 20 mature trees when Ladner is very devoid of a real treescape.”

Residents are worried about an increase of traffic when this complex would add about 76 additional cars to a busy 47A Avenue – already a main Ladner roadway with semi-truck traffic. Loss of views, decreased property values, added noise & car pollution, lack of greenspace in the project – along with the possible demolition of 4 character homes – are all issues raised by locals.

As a result of the strong opposition to this plan, the developer has been asked to make changes to his original proposal. The community is still waiting to see any revised plans.

Ladner Village is a unique heritage-themed community and former fishing village located on the Fraser River. Over the years, a number of heritage buildings have been saved and renovated. One house – the Lord House – backs onto the proposed 5 storey condo building – and would be negatively impacted by the tower.

The South Delta Leader online newspaper has published a Developing Ladner poll inviting people to comment on this proposal.

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