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Delta jet Dallas windshield crack: Mid-air incident unnerves passengers on jet

Delta jet
Delta jet
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

A Delta jet's windshield crack gave passengers aboard the plane a brief scare and the incident forced the pilot to make an emergency landing. The plane was 38,000 feet in the air when the windshield suddenly cracked on a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles on Saturday, according to a report from CNN today.

The pilot made an announcement over the intercom explaining that the crack was the result of pressure which caused the windshield to "arch, bubble, and then shatter." A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman explained that the entire windshield of the Boeing 767-300 did not crack. A statement regarding the issue read: "Our initial information was that the outside part of the windshield shattered but the interior part remained intact," the spokesman said.

In an email statement, Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant wrote that "all windows and windshields are at least double paned.""This is a rare occurrence but the established procedure is to divert," the email said.

Jennifer Squires, a passenger on the plan, shared details on the incident and she praised the crew's handling of the situation. "They were very calm. The whole crew was in fact very professional and quite calm. I really didn't fear for my life, and I don't think anyone else was overly reactive or worried," Squires said.

This story comes just days after similar incident involving a cracked windshield on a United Airlines flight from JFK late last month. A report from said that a crack appeared in a cockpit window on United Flight 766, a Boeing 757, while it was headed to San Francisco.The flight was diverted to Indianapolis, where it was able to make a safe landing. Continue reading: Supreme Court gun rights decision is a major blow to firearms activists (Report)