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Delta jet windshield crack leads to diversion of ATL-LAX flight

A Delta jet windshield crack diverted a flight on Saturday
A Delta jet windshield crack diverted a flight on Saturday
Photo via CNN International's Twitter

A Delta jet windshield crack led to a diversion on Saturday as the Boeing 767–300 was flying from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Though some had thought the plane diverted to Dallas or was headed to Dallas, that was not the case. CNN shared the details on this unsettling flight experience.

The diversion happened when the Delta jet windshield cracked mid-flight. The aircraft was at 38,000 feet when it happened, and the pilot initially told passengers they had to make an emergency landing, leading some to think perhaps a passenger was ill. Just moments later, the Delta pilot said that pressure had caused the cockpit windshield to arch, bubble and subsequently shatter.

According to FAA spokesperson Lynn Lunsford, the Delta jet windshield crack wasn't as bad as some probably would have feared upon initially hearing of the incident. The windows and windshields are at least double-paned it seems, and it was the outside part of the Delta jet windshield that cracked while the interior section was intact. The jet never lost cabin pressure and the flight safely landed about 15 minutes after the windshield crack.

The Delta jet windshield crack did slow down the travel plans of passengers, as the airline had to fly another aircraft out from Los Angeles to Albuquerque for passengers. Some passengers had the opportunity to rebook onto other flights. At least in this case, though the photo is startling, the good thing is that nobody was truly in danger or injured.

Source: CNN