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Delta jet Dallas windshield crack at 38,000 feet urges Boeing emergency landing

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A Delta jet Dallas windshield crack at 38,000 feet prompted an emergency landing of Saturday’s Delta jet flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles. After the windshield of the Boeing 767-300 shattered, the plane avoided Dallas and landed safely in Albuquerque in New Mexico in about 15 minutes, reported CNN on May 6.

One of the passengers on board the Delta jet told CNN that while the plane was flying at 38,000 feet, the pilot calmly announced over the intercom that the flight was being diverted to Albuquerque and had to make an emergency landing. Since there was no sign of any trouble on the airplane, the passenger first assumed that the emergency landing was caused because someone had fallen ill.

After a few minutes, however, the pilot made another announcement informing the passengers that the emergency landing was due to a shattered windshield in the cockpit. Evidently, pressure had caused the windshield in the cockpit to arch, bubble, and shatter it.

The calm and professional demeanor of the pilot and the crew assured the passengers that the shattered windshield was not any immediate threat to the airplane. There was no loss of pressure in the passenger cabins and within 15 minutes, the plane landed safely in Albuquerque.

After the safe emergency landing, the female passenger asked if she could see the shattered window. Not only was she allowed to take a picture of the cracked window, but she was also allowed to thank the pilot and co-pilot in person for getting everyone down safely and without panic. "I really didn't fear for my life, and I don't think anyone else was overly reactive or worried."

After the Delta jet Dallas windshield crack incident, Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant said that while cracked windows are a rare occurrence, the established procedure for pilots was to divert a flight and to make an emergency landing to ensure everyone’s safety. According to Durrant, the windows and windshields on the Boeing aircraft were double paned, and apparently only the outer pane had been shattered on the aircraft. As reported by the Daily News, the Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation into the incident but also reported that “only the outer layer of the screen had been damaged, with the inside pane still intact.”