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Delta jet Dallas windshield crack: Airliner makes sudden landing

A Delta jet had a windshield crack while flying at 38,000-feet altitude.
A Delta jet had a windshield crack while flying at 38,000-feet altitude.
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

A Delta jet avoiding Dallas had a windshield crack on a flight from Atlanta to LA last Saturday. The airliner had to make an emergency stop in Albuquerque. Within 15 minutes after the pilot announced to passengers that they had to make a sudden landing, the plane reached the airport with no injuries to those on-board.

The pilot said that due to pressure, the windshield arched, swelled, then shattered. According to FAA spokesman, Lynn Lunsford, the outside part of the windshield cracked, but the interior part was undamaged.

Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant said wrote an email regarding the Delta jet windshield crack -- revealing that all windows and windshields are "at least double paned." Durrant added that this type of incident is "a rare occurrence but the established procedure is to divert."

There was no loss of cabin pressure reported during the flight. The plane was flying at 38,000-feet. Once the windshield crack was discovered, the plane landed in New Mexico. The flight left Atlanta at 9:49 a.m., ET. Delta passengers were re-booked on another flight from Albuquerque to LA.

In spite of the incident, everyone on-board the jet remained calm and the plane crew was said to be very professional. In light of all the terrible things going on with planes and ferries recently, it's amazing everyone handled it as well as they did. The Delta jet (Dallas) windshield crack will be looked into so something like that doesn't occur again.