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Delta Ghana giraffes: Delta Airlines didn't do homework, reprimanded online

Delta posted a tweet of congratulation to the U.S. for beating Ghana at the World Cup on Monday night. Almost instantly it became very apparent that something was wrong as Twitter users rolled out reprimands. Delta Airline's tweet had an overlay of the Statue of Liberty representing the U.S. and a giraffe representing Ghana, but that country doesn't have any giraffes, reports Yahoo News on June 17.

Delta giraffe tweet brings reprimands from across the globe to Delta Airlines.
Wikimedia Commons/ Mike from Baltimore

While there are giraffes in Africa, Ghana does not have giraffes and Delta soon found this out with all the tweets they received pointing out their mistake. Twitter users quickly jumped on the social network to point out the error of their ways.

Once this embarrassing fact was brought to Delta's attention, it prompted an apology from the airlines to the people of Ghana. One might think that a company that deals with travel would know that they were barking up the wrong tree representing Ghana with a giraffe.

Some of the comments were subtle reprimands like what Grahm Watson wrote as his comment on another article. He pointed out: "Sorry Delta, Not all African countries feature all of the animals you get to see at the zoo."

The New York Daily News reports that Delta deleted the tweet after it was called "racist and ignorant." Maybe a bit ignorant on their part for not doing their homework, but how does one get "racist" out of a giraffe tweet?

New England doesn't have alligators but if another country posted a tweet about New England and stuck an alligator in the picture, most folks would laugh it off, so what is the big deal with the giraffe?

Bruce Arthur wrote on Twitter: "I'm guessing that when you book a flight to any of Nigeria or Kenya or the Ivory Coast or Ghana, @Delta tickets just say 'Africa, whatever"

Lizzie O'Leary did a good job at pointing out why Delta should have known there are no giraffes in Ghana. She writes: "Ironically, Delta flies to Accra. Perhaps they never looked outside?"

You have to admit this is a pretty hefty mistake for a company that flies folks in and out of that country. Delta's apology was simple and right to the point saying, "We're sorry for our choice of photo in our previous tweet. Best of luck to all teams."

Well it's not as if they sent a child alone on a flight to the Antarctica or lost someone's pet out of the cargo hold, they posted a picture of a giraffe. It just so happens giraffes are cute so it wasn't as if they posted an animal that was ugly, they made a simple mistake.

Who cares that they didn't know that Ghana was without giraffes. As long as their pilots know where the landing gear is, the giraffe mistake should be forgiven!

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