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Delta Fall Sale Going now for Flight out of Fargo and other Cities

Delta Fall Sale going on new for cheap fares.
Delta Fall Sale going on new for cheap fares.

Delta Airlines is having a fall flight sale until July 29, 2010 with fares as low as $44 each way depending on the city pairs.

Requirements include a 21 day advance purchase on domestic tickets and require a Saturday night stay to qualify. Although specific cities may not be listed low fares are still availble.

A sample fare searched today included a ticket for for $390 between Fargo and Washington, DC and $250 between Fargo and Madison, WI. Other examples from include $139 each way from Bismarck to Salt Lake City, UT and Minneapolis to Chicago for $59 each way.

Baggage fees are additional. For more information visit


  • Frank Lee 5 years ago

    Charline, not only is your article full of inaccurate information, the English is absolutely awful. The capitalization of some things that shouldn't be, and others not capitalized that should have been. You quote all of these Delta fares as each way but nowhere have you said that a round trip flight is a requirement. Also no mention of security, airport, segments fees, etc., which make for a much more expensive ticket. And why would you quote Fargo to Madison? Is that route in demand for business travelers? Please, fix the English first. The information being complete will hopefully follow. Like the $44 fare. Where, when, how? You don't even tell us what city this is for.

  • Madison Wisconsin 4 years ago

    Frank - Put your pink underware on and go to bed.

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