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Delray Beach flooding: Two people killed in huge flood

Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

The Delray Beach flooding has caused cars to be stranded and more. On Jan. 10, CBS Local reported that two people died in this flooding. The huge rains this week caused several inches of water to accumulate and a lot of people were stuck in their cars waiting for the water to go down or to be rescued.

One victim was Elsa Marquez. She was 56-years-old and the mother of five children. Elsa ended up stranded in her car. She left work at a retirement community when her car became submerged in water. She was pulled out of her, but later passed away.

The other victim was Harry Kruelwitz. He was 90-years-old and walks with a cane. As he was walking, the water got a hold of him. He ended up in the canal and authorities found his body submerged in the water.

Everyone in the Delray Beach area needs to remember to be extremely careful with the flood waters. Use caution and make sure that you know how deep water is before driving or walking into it.