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Delray Beach flooding: Two people killed in flooding, dangerous waters hit homes

Delray Beach flooding: Two people killed in flooding, dangerous waters hit homes
Delray Beach flooding: Two people killed in flooding, dangerous waters hit homes
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Delray Beach is flooding this week, and powerful storms have left regions in southern Florida with over 12 inches of rainwater, causing some serious trouble for civilians. At least two people have been confirmed to have been killed in the flash floods, with dangerous waters overtaking streets and hitting dozens of homes. WebProNews reveals the latest on this frightening weather scare this Friday, Jan. 10, 2014.

The Delray Beach flooding scare has left a number of schools closed down as well as a considerable section of I-95 completely closed this week. Numerous homes, too, have also been affected. The high waters have risen so high in certain areas that witnesses have reported flooding in the Delray Medical Center emergency room just this morning. All patients have been moved to the upper floors or nearby medical centers since water is still soaking in through the lower levels of building.

The press release has also shared that the Delray Beach flooding conditions have tragically proved fatal for some, with two confirmed deaths so far. Driving in particular has been dangerous, with high waters making street conditions slippery and visibility low.

“Elsa Marquez was overtaken by the water at 7:52 this morning as she attempted to maneuver her Toyota RAV4 along the flooded streets. With the high levels of water and blinding rains making visibility extremely difficult, Marquez missed a turn that led her into a lake. She was pronounced dead in the flooded Delray Medical Center despite valiant efforts from witnesses and the Palm Beach fire rescue crews.”

“In addition, 90-year-old Harry Krulewitz always walked with a cane, and this morning the waist-high waters overwhelmed him as he slipped into a canal and drowned. The Palm Beach Country Fire Rescue SCUBA team found him completely underwater, and he was pronounced dead at the same Delray Medical Center.”

According to the National Weather Service that has been closely keeping south Florida under surveillance, especially as part of the Delray Beach flooding, overall water conditions are fortunately improving, and there are far lower levels of rainfall anticipated to occur in Delray in the coming days. Potentially dangerous waters may still affect Delray Beach, but the local city has no need to fear more flash flooding in the immediate future.