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Delray Beach City Council Seat 2 candidate speaks on the issues

City Hall
City Hall
City of Delray Beach

This week we have covered the Boca Raton races and today we are letting readers know how the candidates for Delray Beach City Council Seat 2 think on the issues. Tomorrow we will bring you the candidates for Seat 4 so subscribe to this column to be notified when this and future articles publish.

Delray's Seat 2 race includes Rick Burgess, Chris Davey and Al Jacquet with the elections happening on March 11, 2014. Unfortunately for voters Al Jacquet and Chris Davey both chose to disrespect the voters by not responding to the questions. Only Rick Burgess had the courage to put his unvarnished views before the public.

1) Are you in favor of business licensing laws and ordinances?

Burgess: I think all businesses should be licensed in any state, and follow the proper ordinances required by a city, county, or state!

2) Do you feel the Delray Beach Police Chief should focus and prioritize the department's efforts on crimes where there is an actual victim or continue the way things are?

Burgess: The entire city must be protected and patrolled by DBPD, if there are areas that have a increase in crime, a increased patrol and joint task force should be allocated to that area!

3) Would you like to see more gun control in Florida, do you feel we have the right mix of laws concerning firearms or do we need to repeal some laws to be more in compliance of the Second Amendment?

Burgess: Right to own a firearm is the same as freedom of speech, guns don't kill people, people kill people!

4) Do you feel a small business in Delray should be able to operate the way they see fit or should city, county, state and the federal government come in to dictate how they should run their business.

Burgess: Besides being licensed, government has no business running private sector.

5) Downtown Delray Beach has free Internet WiFi available. Are you in favor of making it available to the entire city if paid either by the private sector or by the city? If paid by the city, would you favor raising any taxes to pay for the service?

Burgess: WiFi should be free only if it is self supportive through advertisement revenue... No tax dollars should be used.

6) Do you favor corporate welfare? This is the method of giving tax breaks to companies that stay or relocate here in exchange for creating a certain number of jobs to the city.

Burgess: I think bringing new business into a town is crucial, and if corporate welfare will help use it, make certain there are time limitations that are set on allowing such a program to exist.

7) How, if at all, do you feel taxes could be reduced for residents and businesses in Delray over the next 3 years?

Increase in revenue... development of properties, getting properties back on the tax ledger, utilize the assets of the city to generate more revenue.

8) Are you in favor of red light camera use in Delray?

if the proceeds can go to giving our PD the raises needed and to correct pension issues, yes I am.... Drivers must obey all traffic laws!

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