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DeLorme inREACH and inREACH SE more than a PLB

DeLorme inREACH SE kit
DeLorme inREACH SE kit

inReach enables you to send and receive text messages, trigger an SOS for help, and track your GPS coordinates, wherever your trip takes you. It keeps you connected when off the grid and outside of cell phone range.

• Send and Receive Messages. inReach is the most affordable satellite communicator that allows you to both send and receive messages either on-screen on the device (SE model) or in paired mode with your mobile device.
• SOS Delivery Confirmation. With inReach, you will know that your SOS alert has been received and help is on the way.
• Interactive SOS Messaging. You can have a two-way text conversation with GEOS, the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center to describe the nature of your distress in detail, and ensure the appropriate resources are dispatched.
• 100% Global Coverage. inReach uses the Iridium network, which has no black-out zones anywhere on earth.
• Location Sharing and Pinging. MapShare (see p. 8) allows others to watch your trip and ping your inReach to see your location between tracking intervals.
• Unlimited Access to Downloadable Maps. Through Earthmate (see p. 7), you get unlimited access to free downloadable topographic maps and NOAA charts.

inReach SE (Screen Edition) is the satellite communicator from DeLorme that puts amazing functionality in the palm of your hand without having to pair the device:

• Send and receive free-form, 160-character text messages outside of cell phone range.
• Trigger an SOS and interact back and forth with GEOS, our 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center.
• View your GPS coordinates on-screen for easy reference to paper maps and DeLorme’s Atlas & Gazetteer series.
• Turn on tracking to share GPS coordinates with family and friends.
• Color screen and virtual keyboard with predictive text.
• Intuitive LED indicator for satellite availability.
• Audible message notifications.
• Long-lasting internal rechargeable lithium battery for ultimate convenience and portability. 100 hours of battery life in 10-minute tracking mode with a clear view to the sky.
• Designed for maximum durability in harsh environments (waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant).
• Post to social media.

Using DeLorme’s free Earthmate app, inReach pairs via Bluetooth with
mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
• Send and receive text messages to and from cell phones, email contacts, other inReach users, as well as the SOS emergency monitoring center.
• Earthmate app syncs with your mobile device’s address book.
• Delivery confirmation for all text messages via on-screen cue.
• Delivery confirmation for all SOS signals and interactive messaging with the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center.
• Largest free-form message size: 160-characters vs. one-way send devices.
• All messages contain GPS coordinates, elevation, course and speed.
• Post updates about your journey to your social media pages.

Both inReach models can be used in conjunction with DeLorme’s Earthmate app on a mobile device and our Explore web portal. When paired with your mobile device, the capabilities of either inReach product is enhanced. Previously downloaded map data is only accessible during paired mode. Pairing inReach
allows you to use your mobile device to send messages from the Earthmate app.

Earthmate App : Transform your smartphone or tablet into a global satellite communication and navigation tool with our free Earthmate app for iOS & Android devices:
• Worry-free navigation and journey tracking.
• Unlimited access to downloadable topographic maps and North America NOAA charts on your paired mobile device.
• Earthmate app syncs with your mobile device’s address book for easy texting.
• Pairs via Bluetooth.

Web Portal and Mapshare: Prepare and share your journey with family and friends with our Explore web portal:
• Share your location and trip details with your own MapShare page, including tracking and GPS information.
• Invite others to “ping” your inReach to see your location, activate tracking and exchange messages.
• Load preset messages to your inReach.
• Link to your social media accounts.
• View all your previous trips and messages.
• Manage your account and settings, including emergency contacts.
• Update your inReach firmware.

An exclusive benefit of inReach ownership is unlimited access to free topographic maps from DeLorme and North America NOAA charts. Building on 35-plus years of experience in backcountry cartography, our maps are some of the most accurate and comprehensive in the world when it comes to trails, logging roads and topographic data.
Before leaving on a trip and using a high-speed Internet connection, just download the area of the world you need in the Earthmate app on your mobile device. When you’re out on your adventure you’ll always know where you are and your map will never run out, unlike streaming maps on a cellular connection.


inReach SE:
• Color screen and virtual keyboard with predictive text for standalone two-way messaging.
• GPS accuracy to +/- 5 meters.
• Waterproof/dustproof (IP67; standard submersion to 1 meter for 30 minutes).
• Impact-resistant (Mil-STD-810F for vibration/shock).
• 100 hours of battery life in 10-minute tracking mode with a clear view to the sky.

• GPS accuracy to +/- 5 meters.
• Buoyant.
• Waterproof/dustproof (IP68; standard submersion to
3 meters for 48 hours).
• Impact-resistant (Mil-STD-810F for vibration/shock).
• 125 hours of battery connectivity with AA lithium batteries.

DeLorme freedom plans allow you to pay for satellite airtime service when you need it on a rolling monthly basis. You can change plans, up or down, or suspend your service at no charge.
• Ideal for seasonal or occasional use.
• Move up or down a plan for free.
• Suspend your service when you don’t need it.
• Keep all your account data, tracks and details when suspended.
• Minimum 30-day commitment when you move up a plan.
• Annual freedom program fee of $24.95.

Our annual plans offer lower monthly fees and are ideal for people who either plan on using their inReach all year long, or who want the peace of mind of having a continuously active SOS device.
• Ideal for year-round use and peace of mind.
• 12-month contract.
• Lower monthly fees.
• Move up a plan at any time for free.
• Initial account activation fee of $19.95.
• Move down a plan at any time for $24.95.

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