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Dell Wyse Cloud Connect - Secure prodcuctivity from anywhere

Dell Wyse Cloud Connect USB dongle
Dell Wyse Cloud Connect USB dongle

The project codenamed Project Ophelia back in January of 2013 has finally made its way into the spotlight. At an event in Silicon Valley held on Wednesday, Dell introduced the Wyse Cloud Connect which looks much like a flash drive (only a bit bigger) that has an HDMI connection instead of a USB. With it you can plug the device into any display with an HDMI or MHL input to transform it into a functional device running Android's 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.

Dell is aiming this device toward businesses as a mobile thin client solution. The Wyse Cloud Connect can be used to access office computers using one of many virtualization technologies including: Microsoft's RDP, VMWare, and Citrix. Dell is also including its Cloud Connect Management Portal along with this product so that an IT department can easily manage the device. This sets the Wyse Cloud Connect apart from other similar devices that are on the market.

Installation is as simple as plugging the device into your display's HDMI or MHL port to experience Android Jelly Bean in all its full 1080p resolution glory. A mouse and keyboard can also be connected to it using bluetooth or the mini-USB. There is also 8 GB of storage built-in but it can be expanded to 72 GB using the microSD slot located on the side of the device.

The Dell Wyse Cloud Connect can be ordered through Dell directly or through one of its authorized dealers for $129. At a price like this a few tech savvy people are sure to find it appealing enough to test out at home for fun instead of using it for work.