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Dell partners with OPI, laptops for the truly stylish

Dell's new computer shade: "Teal the Cows Come Home"
Dell's new computer shade: "Teal the Cows Come Home"
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You walk in to Starbucks and eye him: grey crewneck sweater with navy chinos, adorable glasses, furrowed brow (studious-sexy). You quickly calculate a 45-degree angle to find your table, right in his line of vision.

You’re feeling fabulous in your favorite navy dress with gold buttons (sailor-chic). Right before you sit down you make eye contact and toss him a coy smile – the game is on.

Confidently, you pull your laptop out of your Gucci Jungle Tote...

…and just as quickly as the game began, it ends.

A black laptop with a navy dress? Not so sailor-chic anymore.

Now that Dell has partnered with OPI, you can’t get away with a run-of-the-mill black laptop. Dell boasts 26 new laptop shades, including, “I’m Not really a Waitress”, "La Paz-itively Hot" and “Smitten with Mittens”.

Just think, if you’d worked a “Chapel of Love” laptop with your navy dress, your scholarly hunk would be studying you by now.


  • @Parmie - SF Women's Fashion Examiner 5 years ago

    oh I like this collaboration!