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Delivery room ruling: Judge explains controversial delivery room ruling

A delivery room ruling in the state of New Jersey has shocked a lot of fathers. Women in New Jersey are allowed to ban fathers from the delivery room, People reported March 12.

Superior Court Judge Sohail Mohammed cited a woman's right to privacy while giving birth and should choose who will be with them during labor and delivery.

Mohammed wrote this in regards to the delivery room ruling on Monday:

"Any interest a father has before the child’s birth is subordinate to the mother’s interests. Even when there is no doubt that a father has shown deep and proper concern and interest in the growth and development of the fetus, the mother is the one who must carry it to term.

“Any mother is under immense physical and psychological pain during labor. The order the father seeks would invade her sphere of privacy and force the mother to provide details of her medical condition to a person she does not desire to share that information with."

This case came about when Rebecca DeLuccia went into labor and delivered a girl last year. Her former fiance wanted to be there for his daughter's birth, but DeLuccia refused him.

Steven Plotnick's attorney said he wanted to bond with their child when she was born, but DeLuccia blocked him from being present during the birth. DeLuccia's attorney confirmed that her client allowed Plotnick to visit their daughter later.

Men opposed to the judge's decision feel that the mother of their children are given too much control over how close they can bond with them. There are many ways of looking at this.

How do you feel about the delivery room ruling?

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