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Delivery room ruling: Dad banned from delivery room if mom wishes, per NJ judge

Judge rules mom can ban dad from delivery room. Is this opening a can of worms or protecting the woman's privacy?
Judge rules mom can ban dad from delivery room. Is this opening a can of worms or protecting the woman's privacy?
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A delivery room ruling is the hot topic today as a judge in New Jersey decides that the woman giving birth has the right to deny the baby’s father access to the delivery room. The morning news shows on March 13 were buzzing with people representing both sides of the delivery room ruling opinions.

According to Newsmax the judge’s line of thinking on this ruling was to give the woman the option to keep her right to privacy if she so chooses. If the woman feels that the father of the baby will cause her stress in the delivery room, she now has the right to protect herself from this.

Folks who are not on board with the delivery room ruling claim this is unfair to the father who should have the right to be there when his child is born. This case started as a phone call last year when Rebecca DeLuccia went into the delivery room in labor and refused to have her estranged fiancé, Steven Plotnick, join her.

Plontnick’s attorney argued that the father being in the delivery room is the start of the baby-father bonding. The judge based his decision on much more than this. If the judge had let Plotnick in the delivery room he felt it could have stressed DeLuccia during labor, which could have put both mother and baby at risk for medical problems. The judge said:

"Any mother is under immense physical and psychological pain during labor. … The order the father seeks would invade her sphere of privacy and force the mother to provide details of her medical condition to a person she does not desire to share that information with."

Giving birth is painful and it can be embarrassing for the mother who could empty her bowels unknowingly on the delivery room table while pushing during labor. The noises, the gas and the smells that are all part of the birthing process are natural, but it doesn’t make them any less embarrassing.

On the other hand the baby has two parents so how can it be fair for only one to have that honor of meeting the new family member first? What about the parents who have split up since the conception of the baby and who are on bad terms. Would this add unneeded stress to the mother? What do you think, should dads be allowed into delivery room whether moms like it or not?

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