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‘Deliver Us from Evil’: Ralph Sarchie reveals his story in new featurette

The story of NYPD Sergeant and demonic investigator Ralph Sarchie will soon be told to the world in the upcoming film, “Deliver Us from Evil,” which releases to theaters on July 2. In this new featurette, people get an exclusive at the man who inspired the film.

Eric Bana in 'Deliver Us From Evil'
Courtesy of Screen Gems, used with permission

“You’ve become involved in exposing the devil because of this film here,” Sarchie tells the viewer.

Sarchie talks about his life as part of the NYPD and being a demonologist at the same time. It’s not exactly the easiest life to live, as he explains, as people give him strange looks when he does his police work or his exorcism work. Some of his co-workers, his mother, and others are also featured in this look at the man who inspired “Deliver Us from Evil.”

During the filming of this featurette, Sarchie gets a call about a case. The cameras were able to follow him to the incident, which is terrifying to watch. Sarchie admitted that the subject began to “get a little violent” even after he had put some restraints on her.

“It’s always a learning process,” Sarchie said. “As the more powerful demons come, you gotta learn new things.”

The featurette also has an exclusive interview with Sarchie’s daughter, who has experienced some strange situations herself. But it’s hard for her to go into full details about the situation, since she says she hardly talks about it.

Be sure to check out the featurette in full by clicking on the video above.

“Deliver Us from Evil” stars Eric Bana (“Hulk,” “Troy”) as Sarchie. The film follows Sarchie as he teams up with an unconventional priest (Edgar Ramirez) to battle the demons that are terrorizing New York City.

“Deliver Us from Evil” also stars Olivia Munn (“The Newsroom”) and Joel McHale (“Community”). The film was directed by Scott Derrickson (“Sinister,” “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”) and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

The film features “elements” of Sarchie’s life that may be put in “different context,” he said.

“But there are messages in this movie,” Sarchie added. “It should be enjoyed, but you’re going to be scared, too.”

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