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Delilah, a pit-bull who needs some extra love

Pitts are given a bad rap because of the manner in which some people raise and train them. Dog fighting has marked this breed in society’s mind as a dangerous and vicious animal. That is not always the reality. Some of the pit-bulls that are rescued, despite untold abuses, still love and crave human affection. Delilah is one such dog. She was a bait dog among other things. Now she is a model family dog who is good with other dogs and children. All She needs is a family to love her forever.

Delilah was once a bait dog, but she was rescued on 23 December and taken to JB Ogle Animal Shelter where Elizabeth, with Southern Indiana Rescue, was called in to help.
Elizabeth Starck

December 23 was a fateful day for Delilah. Her owner’s land lord called animal control to have them check on Delilah and another dog known to be at the property. When animal control arrived the owners were gone, they left Delilah and the other dog behind. The other dog was dead, but Delilah survived. She was filthy and horribly bitten and swollen. What the rescuers first thought was dirt was in fact feces. Her teeth had been pulled out and her nails grossly overgrown. Her wounds were oozing and filled with feces.

Upon Delilah’s arrival at the JB Ogle Animal Shelter in this sad state, Elizabeth was called. Elizabeth works with Southern Indiana Rescue. They frequently adopt dogs to families in Louisville. As soon as Elizabeth got to the shelter she sat on the floor with Delilah and she crawled right into Elizabeth’s lap and kissed her. Delilah just wanted to be held, plain and simple. She seemed beaten down and ready to give up, but still wanted a little affection.

Elizabeth and another foster took Delilah to a vet that night and he agreed that she most likely had been a bait dog. The vet also thinks she was well cared for by a previous owner as her ears are professionally cropped. While at the vet, and checked out completely, she displayed no aggression or misbehavior of any kind.

When Elizabeth picked Delilah up a few days later the difference was night and day. She was a much brighter dog walking out than she had been going in. Delilah is now with a foster family who has several other dogs and she gets along well with all of them. There are also two children that she adores. She seems well adjusted and happy with a tail that never stops wagging

Delilah is set to be spayed on January 25. She will be ready for adoption after that. Anyone in Louisville or the surrounding area that is interested in Delilah can email Elizabeth at or can click the Link for the Rescue above.

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