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Delicious Tea cookies

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The perfect cup of tea deserves the perfect pairing, whether homemade or store brought cookies are a good match.

1. One of the best perfect tea cookies ever, by far is Madelines. If you have never tasted a Madeline, you must try them with or without tea, though it does pair very nicely with tea. Madelines are a french cake like cookie, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, reminiscent of a butter pound cake. You can purchase some at La Madeleine, Safeway, or other local grocers. Some stores only sale them during the spring and summertime. Madelines may also come in Lemon flavor as well.

2. Another good tea cookie that goes without saying is Lorna Doones. Lorna Doone cookies are butter shortbread, though simply made, it packs a delicious buttery sweet taste that pairs well with just about any cup of tea, that you so desire. Lorna Doones can be purchased at your local grocers as well as at convenience stores.

3. Pecan Sandies, another shortbread cookie that pairs well with tea. You can enjoy in this flavor or other Sandies shortbread cookies. Pecan Sandies can be purchased at your local grocers as well as at convenience stores.

This is just a few great tea cookies, but there are others as well, if you know of any good ones whether homemade or store brought please feel free to share.

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