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Delia Garcia-Bratcher: Protective anti-bully mom unleashes her ire, on wrong kid

Delia Garcia-Bratcher is a lot like many parents – fiercely protective of their children. But this 30-year-old California mother of two may have taken a step too far by not only confronting and allegedly physically assaulting a 12-year-old boy, but also targeting him unjustly.

According to a report Monday from The Associated Press, as carried by MSN News, Garcia-Bratcher showed up at the Olivet Elementary Charter School in Santa Rosa on Friday, grabbed the boy by the throat, and screamed at him to stop bullying her 10-year-old daughter.

Garcia-Bratcher’s attorney, Ben Adams, said his client “adamantly denies” touching the boy, only acknowledging that she told the pre-teen to “knock it off.” The school photographed red marks on the boy’s neck.

Garcia-Bratcher was arrested Saturday at her home. She was freed this week after posting bail.

Sonoma County sheriff Lt. Steve Brown said they are investigating the allegations of bullying, but as of yet have found no evidence, and no adult witnesses, to support the allegations of severe bullying. Brown said someone else entirely may have been harassing the girl. According to news reports, Garcia-Bratcher went on the assault after her son “pointed out” the boy that had been harassing his sister.

“We are unable to determine if any bullying ever occurred,” Brown said. “We don't know if this kid bullied this girl at all. It looks like he did not. We can't find anybody to say that he did.”

The supposed assault on the 12-year-old boy was evidently not witnessed by any adults, but multiple students at the elementary school have come forth to corroborate the boy’s story that he was attacked.

“Her defense is that she didn’t do it,” said Adams, speaking of his client. “It may be, depending on the circumstances, that this kid had it coming. My view is that if a school can’t deal with a bullying incident, then I’m sympathetic if a parent steps in.”

Adams words are undoubtedly controversial. He even added that it may be that the 12-year-old boy intentionally put the marks on his neck. Adams says he has witnesses that say the boy’s “wounds” were self-inflicted.

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