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Delia Garcia-Bratcher: California mom accused of attacking daughter's bully

Delia Garcia-Bratcher, a 30 year old mother from Santa Rosa, California is facing felony child abuse charges after police say that she choked a 12 year old boy who she thought had been bullying her daughter; and according to a news report from the Epoch Times on May 20, Garcia-Bratcher might have “targeted” the wrong boy.

Bullying in school
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Sonoma County sheriff, Lt. Steve Brown has said at this time investigators have not found any evidence that links the boy to the bullying allegations, and that they are looking into whether another child was harassing the girl.

“We are unable to determine if any bullying ever occurred,” Brown said. “We don’t know if this kid bullied this girl at all. It looks like he did not. We can’t find anybody to say that he did.”

Sheriff’s deputies say that Garcia-Bratcher went to Olivet Elementary Charter School in Santa Rosa on Friday around lunchtime, but did not check in with the school office. She asked her son, who also attends the school, to point out the boy who was bullying her daughter, then grabbed the boy by the throat.

Brown also said in a statement that several young students, including her son, witnessed the incident, saying that she had grabbed the boy by the throat in front of them, but no adults were present, and that the students later told a deputy that the boy was being threatened by Garcia-Bratcher. The Olivet Elementary school staff took photos of the red marks on the boy’s neck.

Garcia-Bratcher has a very different recollection of the incident, according to her attorney, Ben Adams. In a statement Adams said that his client does not deny confronting the boy, even telling him to “knock it off,” but denies attacking the fifth grade student, who she said was 3 feet away from her. Garcia-Bratcher also claims that the boy politely said OK and walked away.

Garcia-Bratcher gave her statement to the sheriff’s office on Saturday and was briefly taken into custody, and later released after posting a $30,000 bail.

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