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Delia Garcia-Bratcher arrest: Attacks daughter's bully, but grabs wrong kid?

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A Northern California mother is accused of attacking a 12-year-old that she understood to be bullying her daughter. Police today believe that the woman may have the wrong boy, according to MSN News on May 20.

The 12-year-old boy reports that Delia Garcia-Bratcher grabbed him by the throat and he did present with red marks around his neck, police report. Garcia-Bratcher adamantly denies laying a hand on the boy, she admits that she did confront him because he was bullying her daughter, but only to tell him verbally to “knock it off.”

Police said they cannot find any evidence that this boy did anything to bully the woman’s daughter. They believe that this mom may have targeted the wrong boy. They’ve interviewed both faculty and students and they can’t find anyone who said the kid bullied the girl, reports the Christian Science Monitor today.

The incident took place at the Olivet Elementary Charter School in Santa Rosa on Friday. Garcia-Bratcher asked her son, who also attends school there, to point out the boy who was bullying his sister. He pointed out the boy that Garcia-Butcher is accused of attacking.

Police are now looking into whether another child may have harassed Garcia-Bratcher’s daughter, reports Lt. Steve Brown from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office. Garcia- Bratcher was arrested Saturday on suspicion of inflicting injury on a child. She was taken into custody briefly and then released on $30,000 bail.

Charges were not filed as of Monday. The Sonoma County District Attorney’s office were still waiting for the sheriff’s report before they go forward with charges. While the police do their investigation, the school is also doing some investigating of their own. They are trying to find out if this girl was bullied and by who.

A flier was sent home to parents on Monday from the school regarding the incident. The flier also reminded the parents about the school’s policy for visitation on the school grounds.