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Deleate those racist emails and help create a compassionate reality

Delete Racist Emails and Contribute to a Compassionate World where Diversity is Respected
Delete Racist Emails and Contribute to a Compassionate World where Diversity is Respected
Trish Hoskin

Deepak Chopra, M.D, Ayurvedic Doctor, and expert on quantum physics states, “if you and I are having a single thought of violence or hatred against anyone in the world at this moment, we are contributing to the wounding of the world…” Forwarding emails that contain racist thoughts and ideas indeed contributes to the wounding of the world.

Unfortunately, offensive and ridiculous emails get circulated all the time. Such emails often assert they are not racist, claiming to present facts only. The one and only true fact is that they certainly do perpetuate racism and the idea that we should separate and divide ourselves from those we think are different or don’t understand.

It is scientifically proven that we are all “one”. No longer is this an airy-fairy idea belonging only to hippies or spiritual gurus. Quantum physics proves without any shadow of doubt that everything – flowers, trees, a coffee cup and human beings – breaks down at the smallest level into atoms, which then break into electrons, which then break into quantum particles, which then reveal vibrations. Vibrations; that is what we are.

Deepak Chopra explains this in a concrete way. He writes in Perfect Health (Three Rivers Press, 2000),

“Quantum physics proved that the infinite variety of objects we see around us – stars, galaxies, mountains, trees, butterflies and amoebas – is connected by infinite, eternal, unbounded quantum fields, a kind of invisible quilt that has all of creation stitched into it. Objects that look separate and distinct to us are in fact all sewn into the design of this vast quilt…”

Chopra’s assertion that we are all connected is food for thought for anyone forwarding racist emails. The idea is that if we are perpetuating fear of others, or are lumping a group of people together in a negative way, we are contributing to our own world where we are surrounded by pessimism, depression and alarm. How healthy is that view of life and is that the sort of reality one would desire?

Of course everyone is free to make choices regarding his or her own reality. But make no mistake that forwarding emails that contribute to the division between people or groups of people does nothing but add negativity to the world. Heaven knows there’s enough of that in our daily lives. Help create a positive and compassionate world instead, and eliminate racist emails by deleting them.


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