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Delayed-harvest trout streams open Nov 1

Delayed-harvest trout streams open Nov 1
Delayed-harvest trout streams open Nov 1

Trout fishing is a sport for all ages to enjoy, you don’t need a fast boat but a pair of hip waders will get you far.

Trout environment

Due to the calcium deficient soils Georgia’s trout streams are not as good at producing as other streams of the United States. Special regulations apply to keep the populations up in order that the 10,000 trout anglers in the state can still find ample trout to fish from. Streams on public lands get stocked more often due to the pressure. Trout love clean and cold water to survive in large numbers. Good trout streams need trees for shade along the banks to prevent the soil from smothering the eggs and insects.

Delayed-harvest stream now open are:

1. Chattahoochie River Sope creek to highway 41. Catch-and-release only. Good trout fishing close to Atlanta. There are ample wading and boating opportunities here. The river is stocked through the fall months. Best fishing is when the flow is low and the water is clear to slightly stained.

2. Taccoa River from .4 miles above Shallowford Bridge to 450 upstream to Sandy Bottom Cane access. Catch-and-release only.

3. Amicalola River Road 192 Steel Highway Bridge Road, on downstream to Georgia Highway 53.

4. Smith Creek on Unicoi State Park-from the dam to the state park boundary. Catch-and-release only.

5. Chatooga River Rabun County from Georgia Highway 28 to Reed Creek. Catch-and-release only.

6. Moccasin Creek between Lake Burton hatchery water intake and a sign marking the pool level- is open to anglers under the age of twelve or Honorary license holders only. Catch-and-release only.

7. Smithgall Woods-Dukes Creek, Waters Creek and its tributaries in White County on Conservation area only or the Georgia Highway 75 alternate-right-of-way, is catch and release only. Not trout may be in your possession. Artificial single barbless hooks no bigger than a number #6 may be used. Only one lure at a time and you can’t be in possession of any other lures. Possession of landing gear, and nets is unlawful. A landy net, no bigger than two feet may be used. Keeper fish must measure22 inches for brown and rainbow trout and 18 inches for brook trout. Creel limit: 1, no more than 3 may be taken per season. You must have a fishing license, a trout license and a WMA license and non-residents the same goes for you.

License requirements:

Ages 16-64 residents must possess a Georgia Fishing License and a trout license. You can purchase a license by calling 1-800-366-2661, or online here or a retail licensed vendor.

Non-residents must have a non-resident fishing license and a non-resident trout fishing license.

Trout fishing rules:

One hand held fishing rod and no other gear may be in the water. Live baitfish may not be used in any trout stream waters. Seining for baitfish is not allowed in any trout stream waters.

Fishing dates for delayed-harvest season November 1- May 14. When May 15 hits the general regulations apply to designated trout waters.

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