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Delay, deny, and wait until they die

Swearing in to take charge of the VA nightmare
Swearing in to take charge of the VA nightmare
Photo by Laura Segall/Getty Images

The current scandal spewing from the Veteran's Administration should make every lackey within the current administration hang their head in shame, and the rest of us share the guilt for our lack of vigilance.

Our veterans and the current crop of brave men and women of our armed forces have put their lives on hold and on the line for something precious they believed in--freedom. They swore to "protect and defend the Constitution" of the United States and they all did this in different ways. Some worked at bases stateside or overseas in support of their brothers and sisters in arms. Some went into combat. Some worked as doctors and nurses to repair the destruction wrought upon the body in war. In any case, they each worked to protect the rest of us and our liberty.

Some came home and rejoined their families, and no matter how normal they seem, their experiences have forever changed them. They and their families have sacrificed more than most of the rest of us are willing to do. Some came home in flag-draped caskets, never more to hear the laughter of their child, to feel the hug of a parent, or to know the love of a spouse. They and their families made the ultimate sacrifice on the altar of freedom, and we have no words to thank them.

Still others returned home wounded and broken, in need of the care we promised in a contract signed with the blood of millions of heroes from our past. They have come home to us with their bodies and minds broken from the sights, sounds, and horrors of war. These brave men and women need help and care to put themselves and their lives back together. As they and their families invoke that contract, we find that it has less force than a a child's exhaled breath on a bathtub sailboat.

Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson stepped into this nightmare and as the scandal continues to evolve, we find the problem of denied services rampant throughout the whole VA system. Obviously, someone needs to fix the system and they need to fix it now. I have no idea how to do it. I leave that to others who know more about it, but I hope they don't come from the government. We've already seen the damage government can do. If anyone has half a brain between their ears, they will bring in consultants from the private sector and take their suggestions seriously.

And while I have to admit I don't know much about the VA system, I ask that we all bear in mind that this is the same government that shoved Obamacare down our throats and is now "administering" it. This is the same government that couldn't put together a website for people to sign up for health insurance. This is the same government that has piled on thousands of pages of regulations that no one understands. This is the same government that is constantly chipping away at our freedoms, one little piece at a time.

While the situation with the VA is terrible, it bodes ill for the rest of us as well. Maybe it's time we all get a little more involved, for the sake of our veterans and ourselves.

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