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Delaware SPCA seeks homes and waves all fees for three adoptable horses

For three previously neglected and starving horses, the future has greatly improved. The horses were taken away from owners that were then charged with animal cruelty. Since they were seized in late 2013, the three horses have been brought back to good health. In a release by officials at the Delaware SPCA on May 25, the three horses have recovered and are doing very well. They are now ready to be adopted.

Three horses are ready to be adopted from the Delaware SPCA
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Charges were brought against the neglected horses’ owners, Karen Beckett and Michael Bailey, Sussex County.

According to Frank Galbraith, manager and investigator, Delaware SPCA, Beckett and Bailey were each indicted with “animal cruelty for abandonment, unsanitary living conditions, failing to provide veterinary care, hoof care and failing to provide daily food and water of sufficient quality and quantity."

According to an email to, the horses were in poor condition with ribs, spine, and hips clearly outlined. Their hooves were in desperate need of farrier care. They exhibited obvious pain and were suffering. To make matters worse for these horses, they were subjected to dreadful living conditions, had no food or water, and stood in layers of feces and urine.

Galbraith says the horses have been nursed back to health at a Frankford farm and have completely recovered.

Delaware SPCA animal care manager Ashlee Fisher is seeking to place the horses in caring homes. In order to help the adoption process along, the SPCA has waived all fees normally charged for adoptions. Obviously, donations help the SPCA care for horses and would be most appreciated.

Anyone interested in the horses is required to provide background information, proof of previous horse experience and contact information for their horse veterinarian(s).

The three adoptable horses are:

  • Dallas is a young horse, two years old, and is a blue roan pony.
  • Dream is a young horse, pinto, estimated to be two years old. Dream is not broken to saddle as yet but halters and leads nicely.
  • Czar is a 19-year-old Quarter horse, bay, gelding. He is gentle, nicely socialized and suitable as a companion horse.

The young horses require training and finishing. Ideally, they could rehome with knowledgeable horse persons who could train them properly.

Fisher says,

We hope someone with adequate land will consider making room for any of these wonderful horses ... [that] would be content to graze pastures and keep other horses company.

Interested individuals can contact Ashlee Fisher of the Delaware SPCA at or by phone at 302-998-2281.

Tax-deductible donations to defray costs can be made at or mailed to Delaware SPCA, 455 Stanton Christiana Road, Newark, DE 19713.

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