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Delaware man sentenced in death of cocker spaniel for years of neglect

Smith is banned from owning any pets for the next five years.
Smith is banned from owning any pets for the next five years.
Joe Readle/ Getty Images

Bobby Smith, 60, of Milford, was sentenced to one year of probation, a $1,000 fine, and banned from owning any animals for the next five years after he was found guilty of extreme neglect and animal cruelty in the death of his dog, Brewster, reported Tuesday's Delaware Online.

Kent Superior Court Judge Robert B. Young handed down the punishment on Tuesday.

In September, Animal Control officers were called to a professional groomer's shop where a male cocker spaniel, Brewster, was so matted he couldn't even close his eyes.

The dog was then transported to a local animal hospital where Brewster's heartbreaking extended neglect was discovered. His matted fur had caused a dirt build up resulting in a deadly infection. One ear had a raging infection with oozing puss and maggots. According to Captain Sherri Warburton, the chief of Delaware Animal Care and Control:

"The matting had pulled the right ear over and across the top of the dog's head where the massive mat had consumed the dog's left ear."

Nine pounds of matted fur w shaved off of Brewster, but the dog died from the serious infections.

Smith was arrested a few days later and was charged with causing Brewster's death.

Rest in peace Brewster.

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