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Delaware man run over by wife while teaching her to drive: Epic driver ed fail

A Delaware man decided it was high time that his wife learned how to drive a car. Until she ran him over that is.
Traffic Cone / Wikimedia Commons

A Delaware man decided it was high time that his wife learned how to drive a car. He may be giving second thought to his decision to take on the instructor role after his wife ran him over with the family car.

As reported by Reuters news agency on June 23: “The 34-year-old man, whose name was not released by police, was helping his wife, 28, prepare for her upcoming driver's test in the Delaware City Department of Motor Vehicles parking lot when he was hit on Sunday evening.”

Delaware State Police spokesman Sergeant Paul Shavack said the husband had set up some traffic cones to assist his wife, and when she plowed one over, he got out of their 2006 Honda Civic to try to remove the pinned cone. His wife evidently then gassed it, running over her husband. The man was flown to the hospital with injures that “are not life threatening,” Shavack reported.

No word on if the wife went on to take her driving test. If not, let’s hope the Delaware county driving instructors aren’t reading this.

In other news, a California man was sentenced to spend the next 13 years behind bars for running over his estranged wife and their 20-month-old daughter.

Traven Duane Buchholz, 29, drove to his wife’s home in Bakerfield, broke in through a window and attempted to “steal” his daughter. When he was caught, the pair began to argue. When he tried to leave, he ran over his family, not once, but twice.

Although neither were seriously hurt, Buchholz pleaded no contest last month to “assault with a deadly weapon other than a gun” and “willful cruelty to a child.” He lost the right to drive for life. He was sentenced this week.

The Bakersfield Californian picks up the story:

But being dragged underneath a Nissan Altima wasn’t enough for Jessica Buchholz to give up on her husband. She asked Judge Charles R. Brehmer Tuesday not to impose an order preventing her from seeing Traven Buchholz “because he’s my husband” and she didn’t fear for her safety or that of her child.

She walked behind Traven Buchholz’s car as Buchholz backed up, knocking her to the ground and dragging her and their daughter into the road, the reports say. As this occurred, Jessica Buchholz’s teenage son grabbed a baseball bat and began smashing the car’s driver’s side window. Buchholz drove forward and ran over Jessica Buchholz and the child a second time.

The husband fled the scene and was arrested the following day.

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