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Delaware Initiates Hoarding Task Force

Residents in the First State suffering with compulsive hoarding can now reach out to a newly developed resource starting in December 2013. Delaware state officials, in conjunction with Christiana Care Health System, have created a Hoarding Task Force that is designed to provide an estimated 45,000 residents with an opportunity to connect with hoarding service specialists from across the country.

Hoarding and clutter cleaning services go beyond deep cleaning and sanitization. Providing someone suffering from the hoarding condition with a safe, clean environment is key to helping them on their road to recovery. While many treatment options such as support groups and therapeutic resources provide additional options for hoarders, deep cleaning the home is usually the first step in the healing process.

From simple disorganization to animal hoarding and biohazards, hoarders at all levels will benefit from Delaware’s Hoarding Task Force. In many cases, hoarding issues are not identified until they spiral out of control. The condition inherently creates anxiety and embarrassment in the sufferer, causing social stigmas that prevent visitors from entering the home. It is not until an unexpected visit or hoarded items start spilling outside the house that others become aware of a hoarder’s condition.

Asking for hoarding help is the first step to creating a healthier lifestyle. When a hoarder asks for help, it is important for those who are being called on to assist with the situation to create a bond of trust with the hoarder. This foundation of trust and understanding goes a long way during the lengthy recovery process. Asking for advice from the Delaware Hoarding Task Force, as well as utilizing other helpful resources provided by the likes Address Our Mess, will assist with developing a plan of action.

Another key point that must be focused on is that hoarding is not about laziness or cleanliness. As confirmed by the American Psychiatric Association with the latest release of their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), hoarding is a mental condition that must be address properly while sufferers are nurtured and guided through the recovery process. By utilizing the resources provided by the Delaware Hoarding Task Force, Delawareans suffering with the hoarding condition can now find peace of mind in knowing that help is available to them.

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