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Delaware County SPCA trying to save three day-old kittens saved in house fire

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Three tiny kittens, so young that their umbilical cords are still attached, were brought to the Delaware County SPCA by Chester Fire Commissioner James Johnson, according to a post on their Facebook page this evening. The kittens are believed to be only a day old.

According to the Delaware County SPCA Twitter feed, the three little kittens were rescued from a house fire in Chester, and are safe in their care. When they arrived at the shelter, they still smelled like smoke.

The SPCA is asking the public to help name the kittens on their Facebook page.

This story is all the more striking because of the recent controversy in South Carolina over a county-run shelter's policy of euthanizing kittens who weigh under 100 grams at birth, which was reported by Examiner Elisa Black-Taylor on Friday.

How animal shelters handle newborn kittens varies widely. Last week, two kittens only a few days old who survived being shipped in a cardboard box from Los Angeles to San Diego were taken to the San Diego Humane Society. The SDHS has a 24-hour Kitten Nursery where the kittens are being cared for.

Fortunately for these three little kittens, their address was Chester, Pennsylvania.