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Delaware consignment shop Rags To Riches offers unique pieces for special events

A selection of Rags To Riches' formal gowns.
A selection of Rags To Riches' formal gowns.
Veronica Szafranski

The nightmare of showing up to an event and seeing someone else in the same outfit is a serious possibility for many, especially those in Delaware where there are few upscale shopping destinations to choose from. To avoid this dreaded faux pas, take a peek in Rags To Riches, a veritable treasure chest of one-of-a-kind items sure to stand out in a crowd.

“Most of the people that shop here are looking for something unique and unusual so that they can make a statement,” says owner Jodie McLaughlin. “I try to get a lot of the runway, high-end designers and things from international boutiques, which sets me apart from a lot of the shops in Delaware.”

While many consignment shops have a heavy focus on vintage stock, Rags To Riches offers more up-to-date styles. Modern pieces from Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman can be found beside more retro silhouettes sold by the same stores 50 years ago. “Maybe 75 percent of it is current, and 25 percent is vintage,” says McLaughlin. “If it’s fabulous, I don’t care how old it is!”

This little shop packs a wide variety into one location. One room features a rack of glamorous fur coats and fringed leather vests. Vintage necklaces hang from the windows and glint in the sunshine, while the shoe rack boasts designers such as Manolo Blahnik and Yves Saint Laurent. It is truly a pleasure to pass through each room of Rags To Riches and discover a must-have statement piece to add to your wardrobe.