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Delaney Owen heading into Sarah Alpar fight with 'anger' and 'animosity'

Delaney Owen is set to fight Sarah Alpar
Courtesy of Delaney Owen

During the Jan. 13 episode of ProWMMA Now!, top-ranked Florida amateur fighter Delaney Owen (7-1) said she feels Sarah "Too Sweet" Alpar (4-2) is underestimating her a bit heading into their fight on Jan. 25 at the Sugar Creek Casino in Hinton, Oklahoma.

Owen, 21, is well aware that the 22-year-old Alpar was originally offered a fight against Tonya "Triple Threat" Evinger, and that she declined because she felt "the odds would be stacked against her" if she took on that challenge.

Just days later, "Too Sweet" decided to accept the fight against Owen.

Since Alpar accepted the fight against Owen and not Evinger, that basically means "Too Sweet" is fairly confident she can notch a victory on Jan. 25.

Owen is putting the drama and gossip aside because she knows it's nothing personal. She admits feeling a bit underestimated, but she's ready to prove to the world she's ready for a tough fight.

"Yeah I don't know, I definitely feel a little bit underestimated," Owen said. "But like I said, that's going to motivate me more. I'm really excited either way because I like going into fights feeling that way. I like to have a little bit of animosity, a little bit of anger, like 'I got to show you guys what I can do. This is kind of messed up.' But I'm excited about it.

"It's not like taking it personally or anything like that because it's not meant to be personal. It's professional business. That's what we do. I'm just excited she accepted."

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