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Del Rio's safe(ish)

Jack Del Rio in Cleveland watching his team lose its 4th straight to end the year.
Jack Del Rio in Cleveland watching his team lose its 4th straight to end the year.

Going 12-20 over two seasons, and losing your last four to blow a shot at the playoffs is enough to make any NFL coach squirm about his status, but it appears Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio will get an 8th year to handle the team.  Owner Wayne Weaver spoke to the media Monday, and though he dodged the questions about Del Rio's status, there's no reason to believe the coach will get canned if he didn't by now.  “We’ve been average the last seven years,” Weaver said. “Being average is not acceptable. We’ve got to get better."  But maybe now more than ever according to Weaver, Del Rio will have a benchmark for his job security.  "I think we’re a team that’s ascending. I don’t expect to be sitting home in January next year,  I’ll tell you that.”

To his credit, Del Rio has shouldered some of the blame this season, and he did so again Sunday.  "I was shocked the way we let them run the ball today," he griped in the locker room, "I really take it personal.  I gotta do a better job there," said the coach who's now 58-57 with one playoff win since 2003.  Though those numbers might prompt a move in New York or Dallas, the situation here is a little different.

With three years and $15 million left on his deal, it wouldn't be a cheap move, and this franchise is certainly watching its bottom-line these days.  Having 7 of their 8 regular season home games blacked out was crushing, and to no one's surprise, rumors of a sale continue to swirl.  It all adds up to one more year for the 46 year old..

This year the Jags talked about rebuilding, but one day after their season ended, it's looking like it's playoffs or bust for Del Rio in 2010.