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Del Negro says Griffin is ready to start for Clippers

Vinnie Del Negro today said that Blake Griffin is ready to start though he is not yet 100% primed and ready for action.  Del Negro listed the red shirt rookie at about 75% and, according to the Sporting News today the team's new head coach said: “It’s still a one-day-at-a-time process,” and “The biggest thing you have to battle is Blake’s anxiety, or his excitement to get back on the court and play at full steam. He wants to play, but we have to slow him down and stick with the plan. There is plenty of time. We still have the rest of August, all of September, and then we can start getting him up to 100 percent in October. I anticipate him being ready for opening night.”

There is nothing wrong with taking their time getting Griffin fully in the swing of things, but telling the fans he's only at 75% is a little scary.  We're hoping the message here is that his injury is fully healed and Blake's training has gone smoothly, but as far as translating into success during game-time might take a couple months. 

Nobody wants to wait for Blake Griffin to unleash the beast, and his game is just that.  Clippers Nation is ready, and come day one, the expectations (regardless of the potential for jinx) are sky high.  The summer is over and the clock is ticking for opening night on national TV.

Check out the video - it's a fan video by Clipper Joe, a popular member of Clipper threads worldwide. 


  • Profile picture of Ben Hernandez Jr.
    Ben Hernandez Jr. 4 years ago

    You're right - 75% is not the number we're looking for. Let's see what this kid can do come October.
    -Ben, Lakers Examiner

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