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DeKuyper: Amaretto and Sour Apple Pucker: Review

DeKuyper: Amaretto and Sour Apple Pucker: Images
DeKuyper: Amaretto and Sour Apple Pucker: Images

DeKuyper has been creating cordials for more than 300 years. In fact, it was Dutchman Petrus DeKuyper who founded DeKuyper Royal Distillers in 1695. In 1933, he entered the market, here in the United States. Now, it is 11th generation patriarch Bob DeKuyper who heads the organization and DeKuyper is the world’s largest producer of cocktail liqueurs.

Recently, we had the pleasure of sampling a couple of DeKuyper's spirits and while there are many palate-teasing delights to choose from, we opted for Sour Apple Pucker and Amaretto. At first, we tried them as shots. We quickly realized that we would much rather sip these delightful flavors, than to hurriedly push them past our tongue.

After a bit of sampling, we wondered what milk would taste like with Amaretto and it was incredible. In fact, we do not know which flavor we like better. Then again, we do not need to know.

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