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DeKalb County police officer shoots dog and refuses owner to leave for vet help

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A nine-year-old German shepherd is still in serious condition after having been shot by a DeKalb County police officer on Thursday evening in the throat reported NBC Atlanta in Georgia.

At 7:00 p.m., the dog's owner Tim Theall had been in his backyard when he opened the gate, and his friendly shepherd named Doctor rushed around to the front of the family's home. Not aware of a police officer next door checking on a false home alarm, the next sounds Theall heard:

"And before I turned the corners of the house, I heard two shots. I heard a cop go, "Holy (expletive)."

Doctor had completely surprised the officer, and although Theall was shocked by the officer shooting his dog, the next part of the tragedy developed into more heartache and drama. The officer refused to let Theall take his dog to an emergency vet for treatment; Doctor was still alive, but bleeding profusely. In fact, the dog's owner alleges the officer blocked the path to exit in order to remove the dog and threatened the couple with being arrested if they tried to leave.

And 20 minutes more passed by before another squad car arrived, although Doctor's owners were told that Animal Control had been called. Theall was told he was not allowed to move Doctor from the scene in order to "preserve evidence." When the second officer arrived, the "procedure" was to take photographs.

Almost an hour later, Doctor was finally allowed to leave with his owners. Animal Control arrived at the scene expecting to pick up a dead dog.

Meanwhile, the incident is under investigation, even though a DeKalb Police Department spokesperson stated required procedure is to secure the evidence, however the department does understand the dog's owner concern about not allowing him to move his dog for emergency treatment.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Doctor, whose medical bills are skyrocketing and expect to exceed the original estimates of $8,000. The dog suffers from a fractured jaw and broken palate. Further testing will be done on Tuesday to determine the extent of the damage.

The couple are exceedingly grateful for all the help they have been receiving for their dog, and promise that any extra money raised will be donated to an animal rescue organization.

Get well soon Doctor.

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