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DeKalb County officer who denied veterinary treatment for dog shot resigns


The Georgia police officer who prevented a DeKalb County man from seeking immediate veterinary care after shooting the family dog has now resigned. KTVU reported the story July 29.

This Examiner article covered the tragedy, where Tim Theall was stopped twice from taking his wounded dog Doctor, a 9-year-old German Shepherd, for treatment after Doctor was shot.

DeKalb County Officer David Anthony Pitts resigned on Monday. According to an incident report, Piss claimed Doctor

"ran in his direction in an aggressive manner showing teeth and growling."

Although Doctor isn't an aggressive dog, Tim could understand Officer Pitts feeling threatened. But to deny the dog treatment for a life-threatening injury is unforgivable.

Tim was stopped not once, but twice, as he attempted to get emergency treatment for Doctor. Tim drove his car around Pitts' patrol car, then was followed through his neighborhood and threatened with arrest if he didn't return home for an 'investigation."

Tim describes the agony of waiting to get help for his dying dog.

“Doctor just laid down on my lap and started to die while we waited for the officer’s boss to come and run the procedures. Their procedures were just the sergeant taking photos of my dog.”

Melissa Brewer, Tim's wife, started a GoFundMe page, raising more than $12,000 for Doctor's vet bill. Any donations left over will be donated to a no-kill ASPCA. The family posted a statement on the webpage

"The internal investigators were here at 7:00 to try to piece together what happened on Thursday. The officer that shot Doctor resigned from the force today. We would like to urge Dekalb County police to train his replacement to more responsibly deal with dogs and medical emergencies. A life is more than a paperwork hassle. We are all much, much more than that."

Doctor is very uncomfortable, and will undergo a CT scan to better determine the damage. He's not eating well, but is being fed by syringe to keep up his strength.

DeKalb County Sheriff's Department posted the following statement on their Facebook page.

"Once the investigation is complete, the department will determine if any corrective action is warranted. This is an unfortunate incident, one in which we will learn from. The department is in the process of developing protocols that will address procedures for providing medical treatment to an injured animal associated with future police investigations."

Please leave a comment as to whether animal cruelty charges should be made against the former officer, or whether the shame he faces the rest of his life is enough.

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