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If the stock market doesn't exactly repeat itself, it at least rhymes! This column has been advising caution (i.e. hedging) against rising stocks that are almost too good to be true. June would be the likely month for a correction, which has happened every mid-term election year since 1962 ( of at least 9%) per Liz Ann Sonders of Schwab. June also has a summer solstice, an option/future expiry on the same day, and a quarterly rebalancing of institutions.

Harkening back to 2007, the VIX Volatility Index just hit an '07 low of under 10 last week, and in a divergence, is climbing when the markets go up. Per Jon Hilsenrath, it has logged 74 weeks under its average for the first time since '07. The SPX (500) is up 166% in the past 5 years, and junk bond volume as well as the spread between corporate and Treas. are the greatest since '07.

Investors Intelligence, which does a survey of wire house newsletters, has Bulls at 62.2% last week, the second highest ever (to 2004's high), with only 17% Bears. Breadth, as measured by Advance/Decline is huge. With a declining government deficit, the Fed is now buying 75% of the Treasuries, causing an unexpected rise so far in 2014, along with short covering. Jim Bianco asserts that 100% of economists are planning on a rate rise before the end of the year, although that actually does not hurt stock prices until it swings above the rate norm.

IMO, if we do not have a substantial correction by June end, I would look for it in the usual Sept./Oct. period, just before elections. Some pundits are even opining that the Bull market is caused by the probability of a Conservative change in Congress at that time.


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