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DeionMusic Dazzles Audience during Christmas Performance

Cover of DeionMusic 's new single “Unconditional” now available on iTunes
Cover of DeionMusic 's new single “Unconditional” now available on iTunes

Rain Night Club in Studio City was graced to the beautiful sounds of DeionMusic on Saturday December 20th.

DeionMusic began the set with an upbeat song that brought the audience to their feet. Complete with back up dancers and lighting effects, the audience was enthused by the ambiance of the performance.

Following that, DeionMusic introduced the world to his new Christmas single, "Unconditional", by live streaming on his Instagram account. “Unconditional” is a touching ballet that displays his celestial voice and vocal range.

DeionMusic also serenaded audience members that were celebrating their birthday that evening.

A fan even rushed to the stage and grabbed the singer to show her love for the performer's music.

DeionMusic’s soulful voice and uplifting presence captivates audiences and puts everyone in a joyful spirit.

DeionMusic’s new single “Unconditional” is now available on itunes.

Fans can also listen to Deion’s music on soundcloud.


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