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Deion Sanders threatens Pat Hanlon: Deion claims he was great at tackling?

Deion Sanders is making Richard Sherman look tame again.
Deion Sanders is making Richard Sherman look tame again.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Deion Sanders threatens Pat Hanlon and it becomes back page fodder. Sanders threatened to go "Beast Mode" on New York Giants vice president of communications Pat Hanlon while filming a segment for NFL Network. According to a report from Yahoo! on Thursday (Jan. 30), Sanders took offense to an allusion that he was not a good tackler during his playing days. It's not exactly ground-breaking news, though, as he was widely considered a player that wanted to avoid contact.

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Sanders had been talking up his ability to get an interview with Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch which led to a bit of joking around. NFL Network analyst Rich Eisen stated, "And he’s also tough to tackle when you’re trying to interview him." Then Hanlon joked, "Prime got him. Hey, they said Prime didn’t tackle anybody (when he played). Well, he just ‘tackled’ Marshawn Lynch... Sorry to bring that up. I’m a Giant."

After that, Deion Sanders threatens to go after Hanlon by stating, "I’m about to go into Beast Mode (on Hanlon). Name one game when you didn’t see me (make tackles) — especially against the Giants. Show me the tape. See, I get offended when people say that." After a lot of debate about what Hanlon had said, which included some compliments to Sanders later on, things cooled down a little bit on camera.

Before Richard Sherman ever said a work to Erin Andrews on camera, Sanders was making comments every time the camera was turned on him. It will be interesting to see if analysts that attacked Sherman now go after Sanders in the same fashion.

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