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Dehydrating fruit- healthy, easy, and diaper bag stable

Dehydrated Bananas
Dehydrated Bananas

The cost of fresh fruits seems to grow more every year and buying in bulk is not always an option unless you are having a party or catering an event within a short timeframe. The fact is, fresh fruits do not stay fresh for long and the pre-packaged dehydrated fruits are full of added sugar and cost way more than what they're really worth.

Fruits eaten in the car can be a hassle and a sticky mess. So, for the busy parent who wants healthy snacks for their kids or even themselves, there is a way. Dehydrate them. By dehydrating the fruit, you create a healthy, on the go snack that can stay in a diaper bag for quite some time before going bad, unlike its hydrated former state. Bananas, apples, canned pineapple slices, apricots, grapes, or just about any other fruit you like can be dehydrated. Banana chips are a favorite among the kids. A certain accessory even allows you to make your own fruit roll ups! Yum! Dehydrating fruit really is easy, like Crock Pot easy.

Do some research on food dehydrators and choose one that fits your budget. However, don't think that because it's more expensive that it is better. has a few online that you can get shipped to your nearest store for free, and one in store you can pick up on your next trip (runs about $40 and works great). Don't forget Bass Pro, they have a huge selection of tools, accessories, and machines in store for those in the business of dehydrating foods.

Try it, you won't be disappointed. You'll be happy you saved money and you'll be happy you didn't load your kids up with sugar for the sake of having a convenient snack in the car.