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Defy the illegal alien agenda

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Liberal Senator Chuck Schumer complained about the TEA Party blocking amnesty a few days ago. Why the GOP would want to appease this leftist is beyond me: link here


Texas defied the corrupt Mexican Government that spends money on illegal alien criminals in the US instead of reforming a nation abundant in resources. Iran Nuke sucker John Kerry joined other pro-illegal immigration forces in caring more about illegal alien cop killer Tamayo than any victims of illegal alien crime. There are 40 Mexican Citizens awaiting the death penalty in U. S. Prisons. None appear to be in Arkansas.


Next Tuesday, January 28th. Conservative and opponent of illegal immigration John Cooper will be sworn in as Arkansas State Senator for District 21 at 2pm in the State Capitol Senate Chamber.


Also January 28th is Obama's State of the Union address. Illegal aliens will likely be talked about by mixing them with legal immigrants. The facts that self deportation has worked in states like Alabama and Mexican Citizens have started to revolt against the drug dealer/corrupt government thugs that have run Mexico into the ground will likely not be mentioned. A State of the Union watch party/MST3000 mockfest will take place at American Pie Pizza in NLR. You can RSVP here:!/events/1438389239728514