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Deformed puppy gets a second chance after being rescued from snow bank

An adorable, playful hound pup named "Cupid," has been given a second chance at life thanks to the work of a rescue agency in Princeton, Minn., and dozens of compassionate people who have donated funds for his care, reported Tuesday's CBS Minnesota News.

Via Facebook

Cupid, who is currently three-months of age, was found in a snowbank in mid-February and he was taken to an animal control agency.

The puppy had two severely deformed limbs which made walking normally impossible.

As soon as the pup's stray hold was up, on Feb. 14, Ruff Start Rescue pulled him from the facility and transferred him to a foster home.

Though Cupid seems to be blissfully unaware of his deformed forelegs, the rescue agency knew that he needed to see a specialist to determine if anything could be done to make his life more comfortable.

Shortly after a request for veterinary funds was made, the donations began to flow in.

The found of the rescue organization, Azure Davis, told CBS News:

“It makes us feel like we can take on dogs like this. That we can help the unfortunate dogs. We want to save them all, but taking them on can put them in a tough financial spot.”

Thanks to the financial help, Cupid will be seen, and treated, by specialists.

Cupid fans and donors have been following his progress on a Facebook page which was established in his name. The following update was posted on Monday:

Today the veterinarians at the U of M checked me over and tried to figure out what was wrong with my legs. They say my case is very unusual and not what they expected. They said I am very healthy and couldn't find any abnormalities other than my front legs. The plan going forward is surgery unfortunately (hoping to be scheduled for next week). Then I will need to be in splints for 6 weeks at least. The good news is they hope to be able to straighten out my legs so that I can walk better!! They think my chances are great since I am still a puppy.

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