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DeflectorGate, the MSM destruction machine of political scandal

Deflection strategy reigns apparent in Obama politics. With the destruction machine of a compliant media by his side, Obama reflects focus on scandals of his own making toward the creation of scandal upon notable GOP figures.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, for example, garnered reflections of scandal on accusations of political revenge on Democrat opposition in Fort Lee. Witness the mainstream media sniveling at Christie’s traffic jam apologies, which he reiterated to no avail despite acquitting himself well and firing the responsible staffers.

The three major networks, ABC, NBC and CBS, provided 17 times more coverage to Christie’s traffic scandal than they did to Obama’s IRS scandal. With a hyperventilating media to do his bidding, Obama reflects scandal upon picayune politics of GOP notables while fading attention from significant scandals of his own.

In one case, a staffer does something stupid, not illegal, without the knowledge of the leader. Leader discovers stupid act, apologizes, takes responsibility, and immediately fires stupid underling. In another case, several staffers, in concert with seemingly tacit White House backing, break the law in an egregious abuse of power with no apologies emanating from anyone at any time.

In the federal case instead, feigned indignation from the executives quickly follows with executive orders that make the egregious acts legal. The executives plead the Fifth to Congress with no firings to follow, while the MSM takes a nap on the whole ho-hummer.

Meanwhile, the scandalous revelations about Obama contained in Robert Gates book, which would normally emasculate and effectively end any previous administration in history, lay fallow. Where’s the MSM when there’s a story of significance to tell?

Anytime Obama is under fire – as he is now with the revelations in Bob Gates’ book -- some scandal related to a popular Republican will be released.

Might such scandalous information have been obtained by the scandalous practices revealed in the NSA scandal? Could it be that the collection of such megadata applies more to political security than it does to national security? Could it be that it feeds fodder to the DeflectorGate machine?

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